James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Was going through some old footy records on the state library of vic website and came across this.


Lol. Good to see that unit at last gives a fark. They certainly didn’t when my old house in that area got knocked over five times in five years.


I read 99% of all posts during the Saga, and the last 100-ish posts in this thread have been among the most bullsht I have ever read here. Fk this stupid website and everyone on it.

  • James met with Gil with his Gemba hat on. Highly likely related to the potential Qantas/AFL deal.
  • Why would you have your alarm system on when you are home?
  • Theft from rich people doesn’t sell newspapers so you barely hear about it despite how common it is. Theft from notable people however does sell newspapers.



Not convinced Hird met Gill with his Gemba hat on:

  • firstly, he met with Gill not once, twice. On one of those occasions the AFL Legal Counsel was present
  • Gill also met with Clarkson recently. Supposedly all about umpiring. What if that was only part of it? You’d expect they would touch on other topics.

The AFL has issues emerging with a possible rapid fall from grace of GWS; starting with a massive injury list, and possibly extending to losing stars like Shiel & Coniglio over the next two years and the retirement of Shaw, Griffin & Delidio in the same time frame.

And Leon Cameron has all the personality of a dinosaur fossil and attracts no media attention GWS’s way as coach.

Perhaps Gill is looking at moving Leon Cameron out and installing Clarkson in to rejuvenate the ailing GWS entity. Perhaps Hird might be a Plan B - maybe Gill offered a chance to coach at AFL level again if he takes the GWS gig (presuming Clarkson turns it down).

No, I don’t have inside information but a curious mind.

Either Clarkson or Hird would bring tremendous football nous to GWS as well as media attention and potentially higher attendances & sponsorship. The AFL media machine would go into overdrive to support Hird in such a role and you would find history being somewhat re-written in an Orwellian way.

Just a thought.


There is no chance they’d put Hird in as GWS coach but as a sidekick to Clarkson yes.

And that to be honest might be the best place for him to get back into the fold with both Clarkson and the AFL in his corner

Not sure Hird would ever go back to club land in a coaching capacity but you never know.


How the hell could the AFL do a complete turn-about re Hird. They would look as stupid as they are.
How could the media suddenly accept Saint James after all their vilification earlier.
Not even as a side-kick to Clarfarkson.

But, I would love to see the look on SWMNBN’s face as Saint James becomes an AFL hero.

You won’t see Saint James back anywhere near the AFL for several years yet!


Your post started off with a confident assertion. But by the end of it I think even you realised how ridiculous what you were saying was.


Spin in it as Hird is sorry for what he caused and to give him a path to better headspace, the AFL is happy to forgive him and bring him back into the fold.

The whole landscape is shifting with the player stories coming out and the general mis-trust of Fitzpatrick and his ridiculous interview. Already had a soft intro with the thought of Hird going to Collingwood first then Freo.

I don’t think it would happen but it’s not impossible.





Would be worth it for the car crash media circus it would create.


I didnt realise his grandad played for Hawks and saints as well.


Not ridiculous at all.

There is no reason for Gill to be meeting Hird, let alone twice with one meeting the AFL Legal Counsel.

Truth is stranger than fiction.


I agree that the AFL executive are capable of hatching any kind of scheme involving James (and others) and then using their media machine to paint themselves as this all forgiving, nurturing, compassionate organisation which is making a tremendous contribution to solving problems relating to mental health, indigenous welfare, slow internet speeds and world peace.
Further, we know with absolute certainty that the average punter will suck at the AFL teat of misinformation and spread their word as gospel.


We can gauge the effectiveness of their campaign through the Herald Sun comments section. That place is the epitome of AFL suckers.


Thats bad. In 2017 one in 82 houses in Toorak 3142 were burgled. The worst in the metro area was Clyde, one in 20 .


Wasn’t Toorak Chris. Windsor. But same cop shop.


Yep. Virtually the same stats.


If it’s part of the AFL suck up as they ■■■■ scared of the JT case then they would.

If Hird is back working in the AFL coaching they probably think they can prevent him/or that his position and future prospects might mean he wouldn’t pursue legal action himself against them.

I doubt it would stop him. If an opportunity arises those kents need to pay for what they did and it would still burn inside him. Even just meeting with Gil would be difficult IMO


The AFL seems to want Hird back inside tent, p!ssing out.

Something is coming and they can’t afford for Hird to be outside the tent, p!ssing in, methinks.


I think Hird likes it just where he is.

That said, he is too much of a businessman to not listen to what the AFL might offer.