James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Hope so and let’s just hope he has a bladder full and his aim is as good as his footy.




I hope he recorded it.


X on SEN talking him up, letting it be known how welcome he is at the club; it’s his choice not to attend functions.
All sounds orchestrated to me.


I said it a couple of weeks ago, even before fitzprick did his interview - something is going on in the background. I have no idea (as usual) but too many things, statements, interviews etc are happening for it to be coincidence.


Completely agree - something is going down, we just don’t know what.


@Bomb_Doe gets a mention on the podcast today :slight_smile:


Interesting that Hirdy said in today’s podcast that during the saga, one of the things that the AFL threatened him with was to kick him out of the hall of fame. So, Hirdy took his HoF certificate into a meeting with Paul Little and told him to tell the AFL to “take this and jam it where it doesn’t fit”. It was an emotional time.


ha - well my people spoke to their people and we eventually got a deal done. In the end, it’s what’s best for football and James.


Just when I think I couldn’t love the man anymore…


This is great

Hirdy having this podcast to say what he wants is brilliant. Warner would be only one in MSM to report on this. Hopefully does!


I like the podcast but it could probably do with some trimming down. An hour plus twice a week, today’s is 1:43!


Needs to be a dislike button. The longer the better!


That’s what she said!


Maybe if you don’t listen to a lot of podcasts. I have close to 50 subscriptions in my app including a lot of footy podcasts already. I listen to Hirdy at work but it’s hard to concentrate and I find myself tuning out a lot.


Bunch of ■■■■■■■ pr!cks.


Yep I don’t listen to many at all.
This is basically the only one I listen to every week. The others are just occasionally.


Entirely possible that it was a meeting about potentially saying something at the hall of fame for sheeds.

Doesnt have to be a conspiracy


Very much enjoying the insights from Hird about the hows and whys of his coaching over the years. He talked about the ‘outnumber’ being a Geelong based strategy that came from Thompson and that Essendon were trying to be a forward half team even back then. We lacked the outside polish to run the ball so they would kick deep into the 50 and aim for the right goalpost when they were outnumbered, causing a stoppage. I remember watching that game plan and thinking how inefficient we were going forward. Fascinating to get this retrospectve insight.


Hirdy takes priority. But i like listening before the start of the round for tipping.
other podcasts you can listen to generally whenever and they are still relelvant.