James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Not with Andrew Dillon, Legal Council present. Sorry, that is a very interesting fact.


Hird - steph Hird sick during Prelim week (2000). Sheed empathetic, said just turn up at 2pm and play if you want to.
Doctor said She was ok at 11am and Hird rocked up at 1:30 played and then straight back to hospital.

Sheeds 2001 after grand final Loss “Hird you will have to live with that performance for the rest of your life”.

Crawford - best thing about footy clubs was getting on the drink together end of season trips, thats where you find out lots about people, where you build a relationship for future years together, or get to know them then they get delisted.

main reason episode went long - cause talking about footy trips

Hawks - who is tightest on a trip - Crawf - Nick Holland

EFC vs Tigers - Whats happenning How can you be rubbish for 4 weeks and so good for 2 weeks.
Heppells been dominating
will definetly benefit with Hurley in Team this week
Bellchambers should give us dominance in the ruck and the middle.
Need Bell to give Heppell Merrett first use vs Dusty & Cotchin

Will Reiwoldt play - Crawf: yes, dunno why you would name him if hes not playing.
Crawf : Richmond will get the job done, but looking forward to the match. Richmond will provide different pressure to GWS and cats. Essendon are a chance

Hird: Houli out for Richmond is a massive omission.


and a very legal fact.


Hird can never return to the club. reckons terry wallace is one of the most knowledgeable people of the game.


And, interestingly, not one paper/journo/communication specialist has written this factoid up.


Back next week then knowing the sharpness of any ol terry call


Maybe he really has lost it then…

They need to do rapid fire, read him out some names and says first thing to mind. Make it happen Twitter peeps


Very ■■■■■■■ good point. They couldn’t print the article fast enough two weeks ago when he said the club didn’t support them during the saga.


I’ve liked the podcast each time I’ve listened to it but it meanders too much and seemingly comes out at random times.


comes out same times every week

best footy podcasts/media program by the proverbial - not really saying much though given the competition.


But Rolo you listen to Hutchy and Barrett so your opinion is irrelevant!!!


Riolio prefers to listen to people who hate the game.


Why does Riolio hate Hird so much?


If Hird was an Indian Macca’s Brekky, Rolo would love him :100:


Nice to hear your question get read out


I tightly produced 40 minutes a week podcast, yes


Liz gonna Lukin


This post is brought to you by drinkwise. You won’t miss a moment if you Drinkwise.


I like it how it is… nice mix of professional analysis, anecdotes, humour by 3 guys who have a lot of respect for each other. None of that egotistical, loud mouth, clique y ■■■■ that you get on most footy shows.


The early episode were great; about 10% silly banter to 90% footy talk.

Now sadly its about 50% silly banter to 50% footy talk.