James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Well tonight we’d like to miss every moment, so fark that.


Doesn’t hold a patch over Hutchy’s work, eh?


Caught part of his podcsat this morning.

Didn’t want to discuss the Jackson Taylor case and didn’t really comment on it either.

Wonder if the AFL is trying to get him back in to save their own skins?


I think you’d need a few patches to cover hutchy’s work


or he just cbf with it anymore.


Why get overly excited.

They have had wins before that have turned to spectacular losses fairly quickly.


I imagine he’s smart enough to know that if he were to comment on it, it would start unwarranted and unhelpful speculation that he’s involved.


And they would’ve set up the question and dismissive answer deliberately to let the media know not to bother.


I doubt that he would be displeased if it were to be revealed that the most senior AFL figures had engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct ( whether or not it was in contravention of consumer laws).
There is nothing to be gained for him to express an opinion at this stage


I’m still enjoying it… although you could play a drinking game over the amount of time Hird says ‘Absolutely!’ as well as when either Hird or Crawf repeats a story in full that they already told a couple of episodes prior… on the plus side, the stories are generally enjoyable on the second and third repeats.


Ha! Like that will stop the arsehols , …

"James Hird Denies Interest in Saga Case"


IMO the coffee between Gill and James was around the rule changes and the footy specticle…seems thats the reason why oompa loompa and Gill met a while ago

So nothing to see there



Is it the job of Gil to enhance the spectacle.

Or is it Gils job to run the competition.

Gil is putting too much effort into tv audiences etc… keeping games close.
they know when people turn tv’s off…why do you think umps try and keep the underdogs in games.

In order to grow the game more needs to be done at grass roots level and less analysis statistics, and increasing his bonuses.

If the game was…a game…not a spectacle, and umpired fairly, then more people would be inclined to watch it including neutral games IMO.


Here is an even better question.

What makes the people who were in charge and let the game get to this position in the first place, think they are the right people to fix it now?


Go to any primary school and you will see most kids playing soccer and basketball at lunchtime
No effort is being made by AFL to promote Aussie rules in primary schools in Melbourne. The results of this will come back to haunt AFL


you musn’t go to oz kick on the weekend.

That’s where the effort is.

Soccer or basketball aren’t the biggest threats to AFL. Online gaming is.


My 5 year old is in Auskick though the guy is right, there’s ■■■■ all kicking of the football at my kids school.
The soccer pitch and basketball courts are choc full of kids playing yet the footy goals are empty.

I don’t see too many kids of sub continental background at our Auskick either and if they don’t jump on board and the Africans, Polynesians and Asians keep staying away, then the game could be in strife.


There is probably 10x kids playing soccer than footy at auskick age where I’m from.

But the game is quite hard for 5 year olds. Compared to soccer. The training drills are good though.


Soccer fees are ridiculous, can’t believe parents pay it and basket has no off season, my mates hate their kids playing it.


Compared to Blitzcast…