James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


So ironic that we were going to find the coach in the land and ended up going for the guy in the room next door…one of Jackson’s better one’s


Another enjoyable week of podcasts


Ralph is very good for that show.


Ralph does have quite an annoying weezing/silent laugh that puts me off a bit.

Hird is great and I like Shane when he is being serious.

It has sucessfully entered my rotation of podcasts which is no mean feat.


I know what you mean about ralphs laugh.

That said he seems like a genuinely nice guy so i can tolerate it





Racetrack Ralphy used to play at our cricket club, but more particularly at the football club which shared the ground.

He is a good bloke. Loved his racing. Big Dees fan.


If I hear ‘how many countries in Russia Crawf’ one more time, it will do my head in.


Yeah I’m finding they are really starting to repeat themselves quite a bit now.

If I had a dollar for every time Hirdy says ‘absolutely’ I’d be rich man haha.

Crawf has told the Warren Tredrea fire extinguisher story a couple of times now.

Still a really enjoyable listen though!


I love listening to Hirdy but I cringed in the latest podcast when he said he’d still prefer to switch Hurley forward rather than Hooker.


Just wait for the glass to shatter how often crawf says “obviously”.


When clearly most things aren’t to him


James Hird goes lid off.

On his podcast he declares us Premiers if we make the finals. Makes sense given we basically have to win all the remaining games.


If we can beat Richmond i’ll back us in to go all the way.

Pies vs Essendon GF would be huge


Oraaaaaaaaazio drops half a dozen on that flog Maynard. Smack makes a miraculous comeback and kicks 4 3rd quarter goals. FAP FAP FAP!!!


Geez, no pressure James


Have you listened to the podcast? Need to hear the whole statement. No pressure… just looking at who Ess has to beat to get there.


I have actually. Unfortunately sarcasm doesn’t read real easy


I think we’ll be a very good chance against Richmond this time around if we can hold our form, but kick a bit straighter for goal.

The other advantage is that it could be a meaningless game for Richmond. If they beat Geelong this week, they could have top spot wrapped up by the time we play them (they have Gold Coast in round 21). Even if they don’t quite have it wrapped up, they’ve got the Bulldogs in round 23.
So maybe when we play them, they’ll be going through a hard training phase.


If we beat Hawks, PA and Richmond - 100% we’d be favourites anyway.