James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


The Rage and AFL do reports quoting Hird on Essendon chances, ripped off from Hird’s comments in the podcast. Admittedly, with attribution, but Crawford must be on the nose , as the AFL refers to him as “former Hawthorn midfielder”. Just airbrush his Brownlow.


Crawford is now tainted.


He was clearly taking the ■■■■ but has reeled in plenty with this one. good bit of publicity for the podcast. and got the nuffies foaming and frothing all over the place.


Funny to hear we talked to Sam Mitchell prior to the Hawks three peat.


Bullet dodged… by Sam…


What did Hird ACTUALLY say?
Ive seen media statements that he said we CAN win the premiership and that we WILL win the premiership.


It was pretty much “if they make finals, they’ll win it”
The context being we’d have to knock off Port over there, Hawthorn, Richmond, all under huge pressure, just to make 8th.
The comment was more about how hard it’ll be just to make the 8 than a reaistic prediction.


Hird as coach: “One week as a time, structures, (+ get lost Demetriou) etc”

Hird as a podcaster: “See the Bombers fly up, up…”


Hird article on EFC website…Club is now more accepting of him? Hmmm…


but no acknowledgement where the quote comes from


Except they only took the second half of the article from the AFL website, so it just refers to him as ‘Hird’, not James Hird, which seems weird.


The Rage and the AFL both gave the source as the podcast.


From the Podcast Facebook site (fitness test before his last game)

Titled: Just Elite




Hirdy referred to Crawford as the last Hawthorn Brownlow medallist :slight_smile:


Barracked for us as a kid


Can kick


Oldie but a goodie


How have we paid the price ever since?


Wot? Haven’t you been paying attention over the last decade?