James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Yeah I don’t think they get to pay as much attention to all the games as they’d like with all their travelling also.


I’m surprised that no-one has talked about the lunch in Perth on the 2nd., “James Hird & Kevin
Sheedy- the good times and bad”
430 people at the Hyatt ballroom.
Hugh roll-up, what surprised me was the number of "other club "supporters that were there.
Eagles ,Dockers ,Geelong & Hawthorn.
Hirdy back to himself, working his coffee brands and visiting Columbia encouraging the locals
to get rid of their cocaine crops and replant with coffee etc.
Sheeds good at being Sheeds. Funny and corny…admitted to the corny bits

most under-rated Essendon player in their opinion ? Mark Mercuri
Little doubt in Hirds mind the baddies in the saga, Demetriou, Evans, Dank, Robinson.
Fitzpatrick didn’t rate a mention.
Sheeds…."5 years on and still no proof "
Afterwards when Sheeds was signing books etc. he lept up , rushed over and shook hands with a bearded,long-haired tramp-looking person. second look…Ben Cousins


I’ve shelved the podcast. I reckon they’ve talked about all the depth they could for the game in the first half of the season. now its just parochial mateship (which they’re entitled to, i just couldn’t give a stuff).

For an afl kink the podcast on the 93 season is mint.

for motorsport the formula 1 podcast has terrific interviews with former and current drivers. highlights so far are webber, kubica and brundle.


Starting to be less footy talk and more bs as you say. Disappointing but I still find it entertaining enough to listen to while working etc.


I like the BS.


Just saw a promo for the next footy show, on tuesday night at 9:10pm, one of the guests advertised is James Hird, is this his first appearance on a major sporting show since the saga ended( I know about the podcast he and shane crawford do), and his work for herald sun column) . Might be worth tuning in to see what he is asked and has to say.


He won’t say anything. Has learnt the error of his ways. aka when an elite tells a pleb ta jump…ya betta jump, no laws or justice applies


I love jimmy.


They are struggling big time. At least Hirdy will lift the ratings for a week.


Hirdy, what are you doing? We’ve all boycotted the show because of the way they’ve slandered you for 6 years and now you go on as a guest???


It’s not surprising, with the Crawford podcast. The saga’s gone, they will just have him join in with whatever it is they do on that show.


Someone needs to be the bunny to watch the show until Jimmy comes on, then let us know. Cause there is no way I’m watching that crap show all the way thru. You just know he will be one of the last segments.


Not sure if serious but few people defended Hird and the team harder than Newman. BJ actually gave him a membership at one stage to thank him.


Yep, Sam was pretty staunch through the whole business. Barrett, on the other hand…wonder if they’ll have that flog and Jimmy on at the same time.


Sam did for sure but the others had a field day.


I would pay an obscene amount of money to see Jimmy walk up to barret and headbutt him in the farkin nose.


Then smash Eddie over the head with a chair, busting him open and screaming SARAH the whole time


That is NOT the way Jimmy operates. Too much class for that.

Barrett ( should be parrot, he reminds me of a vicious lorikeet) someone might do something like that one day to him and he will ask, why me?


If he logs onto BB he’ll soon find out.


I’d put money into that.