James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Better still ignore him like Hird did to Luke Darcy


When was that?


W hen Ch7 & asked Hird to go on a footy show with Darcy and Hird said no thanks


Say that again?


According to the pod, it’s just Shane interviewing James whilst they drive around in a car.


Looks like it clashes with the Rise of Baby Bombers ep on Fox Footy (9-10pm) as Footy Show (9-10.30pm).


Hirdy is in Albury Wodonga for a luncheon this month - will get him to sign my stand by hird sign.


Looks like he will be on the next segment on the Footy Show. Seems like it’s just him and crawf chatting in a car or something


Considered Crawford to be, at best, a C grade celebrity type.

But listening to the podcast he does with Jim, I have changed my mind big time, he’s alright!


The memo has come from the big house - time to condition the public to Jimmy’s involvement in footy somewhere. Eddie can gagf, if he thinks we will ever forget his role in the saga.


Hirdy and Crawf are very funny together on the podcast. Just watched a snippet of James on the Footy Show - he was on with Crawf in a car for about 2 minutes following at least 2 weeks publicity by Ch 9 pumping up about him being a special guest. Pathetic! I feel short changed!


What did Hirdy say?


Shane asked questions about the 2000 grand final. Hirdy explained that he (as captain) made sure that he put all his effort and body into every contest, as that’s what it takes to win a gf. There was some small talk about the time Shane and Jimmy played on each other and Shane won the contest. Not much else.

After the segment, they came back to Shane who explained that he was really happy to see the Jimmy is looking and feeling well (all things considered). Eddie then asked Sam if it was time for the football community to ‘wrap their arms around Jimmy’ and ‘bring him back to the game’ (my paraphrasing). Sam said yes (and a few other things), Shane said yes too. Eddie was being a swarmy git.


Thanks Hoffy. I can’t watch the show—it just gets me angry!


Eddie can GAGF


Lol. What a waste of time


A Footy Show exclusive!!

Very short segment and basically said nothing.


Hasn’t that show died yet?


Three weeks to go.