James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Just a ramdom pic from Jim’s podcast’s Facebook page.



I love James Hird.


so farkin embarrassing


That eras flash mob


It’s about as attractive as this


As always, Jimmy remains as dignified as possible in a difficult situation.

Look at his face…

‘‘I’m shocked to be sitting here.’’




So there was a precedent.

Do I remember correctly that there was a shot like this where Hirdy was the only one wearing a jumper - refusing to take part in the skin charade?

It really is more embarrassing than the old ladies from the bowls club doing this, because there’s no irony.


We work hard,we play hard


Gotta pay for the end of season trip somehow…


Nothing gets me more than clowns like McGuire going all lovey dovey with Hird and saying things like “no matter what he did , it’s all in the past, and the guy deserves our forgiveness”.
He doesn’t need to be forgiven for anything.
His behaviour during the whole saga period was so much in contrast to all the major players …the fat controller, Gil, McD!ckhead, Belhoff, all the AFL lackeys like Lukin and Clothier, virtually all the major journos.
Hird was like a beacon of integrity compared with all that lot, and they say they are willing to forgive him.
Fark me.


Guilt is not something macguire experiences


He doesn’t need to be forgiven for anything.

Spot On!


I forgive Hirdy for being naive enough to let Dank through the door and to empower him enough to do his BS.

Whatever your views on what happened are.

Hiring dank and implementing the “regime” where both mistakes that a whole heap of people at the club are responsible for.


Dank worked for Geelong and was at GC. He was in the AFL industry.

I don’t see how Hird or really anyone involved with AFL was to know he was ‘dodgy’. If the AFL was doing their jobs then they should have picked up he was ‘dodgy’. ‘Dodgy’ is a relative term anyway. It’s only when that AFP report came out and Dank and AFL were mentioned that everyone shat themselves. Geelong’s Premierships brought into question or the AFL’s pride and joy brand new club. Melbourne off scott free as well after Dank was at Essendon.

No Dank was only dodgy at Essendon. Let’s blame James Hird - the nuffies will go for that.

Oh and now lets forgive him… PLEASE.


Completely unrelated but does anyone have an inkling why the watsons turned off hird a bit during the whole kerfuffle


I’d say it’s because there is no way a Watson could ever maintain such a bronze, luscious tan.

It’s understandable.


Ha I spelt inkling incline.


In hindsight of course it was a mistake. But at the time it was a great decision to get the fitness people in who got Geelong their premierships.

I don’t see how you can avoid the mistake happening again? When you hire someone, yeah you might call a couple of references. Dank had worked in NRL and AFL at some successful regimes. You don’t call the AFP and see if there are any pending investigations on a person you may want to bring in. No one could have known this was about to happen.

Hirdy may regret Dank being at the club, he can’t regret the decision to go and get people like Weapon and Dank to the club with the successes. It was the right thing to do. We were behind the other clubs.

He doesn’t need to apologise for doing what was best for the club at the time. No one was to know what would happen and how Hird would be thrown under a bus.