James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Can someone actually explain what Dank did that was wrong? He was accused of ruining the health of the Essendon players. Well six years on nothing. He was accused of imperilling the life Ryder’s unborn baby. Well six years on nothing.
He was accused of giving the players TB4 but the AFL Tribunal found he did not. CAS said he did but a Brussel’s court has just found that CAS hearings are illegal. We all knew the CAS decision was dodgy but now the EU has found it operates (and operated) illegally.


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Every team had a regime. Dank had been at both GC and Geelong, Hird might have had a say in the regime/hiring of Dank but he was only part of selection process.


Dank didn’t do anything wrong in regards to giving our players illegal substances (that has been properly proven anyway).

Early days of the saga fogdog said something along the lines of this. There was some dodgy business with invoices and that the club may have payed for substances that we didn’t receive, and that those substances may have been used elsewhere. This is only from memory of a post by fog years ago so apology’s in advance if I have this wrong.

Dank was loose with his paperwork but some have said that if he produced paperwork that may have cleared the players he may have had to incriminate himself for defrauding the club.

In anycase I am of the opinion of…

It wouldn’t have mattered how many records Dank produced, and whether they where impeccable or not. It didn’t suit the AFL/ASADA/governments agenda so they most certainly would have been swept under the carpet, or just simply ignored the fact that they where there… I recon Dank also knew this…

I also think Dank had records of what the players received, but he had no detail on how much, and when. This become pretty clear in Chips book.

Lastly it sounds like he had some pretty dodgy contacts in regards to suppliers, criminal underworld figures etc.

So he possibly tried to fleece the club of money, was a bit loose with his paperwork, and was said to source his substances from somewhat ify places.

No doubt in my mind that he is a dodgy character out to make as much money as he could. But I also believe, he believed in what he was doing, and didn’t give the players PED’s. He was guilty of nothing that could be proven.

I also think it was bad timing (for us) that dank happened to be at our club. The government had intelligence of Danks shady dealings with underworld figures. They likely had evidence or at least suspicions that he was importing PED’s.

I think the government was given this intelligence, told that Dank was working in both the AFL and NRL and most likely giving these substances to players. They where likely not told that Dank also has his own practice that and he may be giving these substances to patients in his own clinic which is perfectly legal.

The government (desperate for votes) sore an opportunity to perhaps gain back some favor. So they pulled the blackest day in sport stunt, I believe it was a few months before the federal election.

After that the government had to justify its actions, and give proof that what they said in the presser was actually happening. So the government discusses the situation with the AFL. AFL goes into damage control and isolates the blame to us…

EFC where convicted before an investigation ever took place. If dank wasn’t at our club this all probably wouldn’t have happened…and Hirdy would have taken us to a flag.


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So that photo… I loved it on the podcast today when Jimmy said that he was the only one clothed up top cos the photographer asked him to leave his shirt on.


You guys should listen to the latest Brad Green episode, its gold
goes into Brads days at Manchester united.
2000 grand final
and when Scharwz won $140k at the races on the quaddie




if every thread can turn into a pun thread,then every thread can turn into a saga thread

So is AOD legal or not?


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Brad trialed with ManU?

How interesting, I wish a commentator had mentioned that at some point


i thought the middle finger wave to Gil was a very funny insight.

Shows how much they all know how much Hirdy stil hates Gil…and Caro and the rest!


What was this?


Long story but Crawf invited Gil to the prelim final party for Crawf and Hirdy.

Ralph reminded Crawf about Hirds feelings about Gil and Crawf said he could wave to him from the other side of the room. Then corrected himself and said a one finger wave.

They all cracked up. It was great.


Yeh but like this is the proper story not just a one liner.

He was captain of the all Australian 15 year old squad. And had a under 19 cricket Australia contract if he didn’t get selected in the 1999 national draft.

Also funny crawf got Queenstown and George Town mixed up.


Haha excellent.