James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


The offer was there but clearly wanted to play footy for a ■■■■■ club at a fraction of the wage


True story I was playing cricket with him when he knocked up a ton and walked off to be told he was going to be picked up by Melbourne.
The highs and lows of sport.


I briefly attended the Crawf and Hirdy end of year party today, and it was great to see Hirdy in good spirits and looking well. Seems to really enjoy the freedom of talking footy and having a good time.


Good spirits cos he doesn’t need to worry about putting on a tutu anymore.




how many people actually showed up for the party?


Quite a few, place was packed out. Noticed some EFC staff there and Hird spent most of the time with them as well as Robert Shaw.


nice one. good to hear.


IiRC they are also doing an alternative Brownlow party.


They could hold a less formal Brownlow party (with the other one on in background) and it would be packed out. Past winners, past drunks (Fev), past ineligible players and supporters. How good would that night be.