James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


That was a really really really bad draft.


Absolute shocker.


The draft wasn’t the only way to get onto a list back then though wasn’t it?


■■■■ Reynolds is censored?


So is ■■■■ socket.


Yes. Discourse swear filter is fucken stoopid.


See^ :smirk:




Rick Deynolds


Ricky Deynolds and a third rounder


That’s King Richard, you disrespectful bastardos.


Well when I met him (never did), I respectfully asked “how are you King Richard?” Too which he replied “Sine, that’s much too formal. Call me D!ck”. “Bewdy” says I, “so how are ya D!ck?” He frowned at me and then thundered, “that’s King D!ck to you”.


All true. The way he was treated killed my live for the game to this day…apart from the Bombers of course. For me it literally rivalled the pillorying of Lindy Chamberlain for its viciousness and lynch-mob hysteria, egged on by some of the most vile smears even our gutter press have ever vomited up.

I won’t ever forget the way the board basically threw him to the wolves either but I guess if James has moved on then it’s the least I can do. I would love it if the club found him a meaningful role for next year but I’m not holding my breath.

Phew! I feel better now.


Yes. But let’s not…


Did I read right? He’s been hit by a car again?


Seriously Jimmy, take the car or tram or taxi or uber…

Hope all is okay.


That’s ■■■■. Hirdy can’t cut a break. Far out. Get better Jim.


His car was stolen… trams suck, so do taxi’s, so does Uber. Won’t someone put their hand up and chauffeur the great man??


Hird played more than 250 games for the Bombers and was, as the club’s senior coach, at the centre of the 2012 Essendon supplements scandal.

Once again and forever - go ■■■■ yourselves you pieces of ■■■■.


So who was driving the car, anybody we may know?