James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Is that legit???


Has to stop the movie at that bit yesterday with the kids.
Not sure if they’re ready for quartered knight fighting


Might be best if Jim stays off bikes.


What a guy.


Serious question: does James have more pins than actual ligaments?


His body has taken such a hammering. Stay safe James


How can James be as pure as he is.


Man has perspective.


How do you know that? He’s riding in a bike lane and gets hit by a car.

Take up swimming in a pool Jimmy, it might be safer. You are too precious to lose.


You clearly don’t know my friend…


A bit strange with him calling Caro a lady…and those tears were satanic tears of satisfaction.


Wrist shattered in 20 places? Is there enough left to put it back together? He might be better off putting in an artificial joint, that is, if they make one for the wrist. In the bike lane and still gets hit. Ouch!


She was crying because he said “Im not going to die”.


His TAC claim will be substantial.


Jesus h Christ this guy has had an horrendous few years. Get well Jimmy


Hirdy making it all about himself again


I have eight pins in my right wrist from a break. Matching pair.

Get well soon, Hirdy.


Get Well Hirdy…

Poor bugger can’t take a trick.


All the best for a speedy recovery James.
Such a classy guy - even when he is hit by a car, sustains a shattered wrist and broken kneecap!


Can’t take a trick, poor bloke. I still feel anger for what the AFL, and the media did to this legend of the game. God knows how he must feel and where his head has been over the last few years. Needed this like a hole in the head. Classic Jimbob in handling it the way he did though.