James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Typical ■■■■■■■ age reporting… They will never let it go.


That’s not new news about Langford. It was talked about multiple times last season on his podcast.


And multiple times on Blitz I thought.


A low profile was actually forced on Hird by the AFL and - to its shame - the EFC, as well as the compliant media. David Yallouz was about the only person who gave him a public profile ( and some work) in promoting chocolates.


Lol. Interesting take on Yallouz and his behaviour.


Ya win some, Yallouz some.




The mouthguard could really help research into player concussions and hopefully pave a way to reduce them. Hird’s involvement will insure he leaves a much more worthwhile legacy to the game than either Gil or Fat Andy.


He’s done that already.
He’s a legend, they are office boys.


What a load of absolute twaddle.


@bigallan that is just about the biggest load of horseshit I have read on this site.





Yallouz… AKA The Red Sash is in partnership with Hirdy in Cacao Hunters. Is and always will be a massive tool.

I can’t really comment on the profile stuff but as @Fairybread has actually spoken to Hirdy about that and other things I’d back his judgement and understand why he probably can’t elaborate.


Whether or not he’s a tool is really neither here nor there.
But I do appreciate even that.


Lol true… it’s not. I did think that it was an accepted fact here though.


Classic Blitz Illuminati. @bigallan praises Yallouz for a specific reason. The knowing ones pour scorn all over this with no specific reason. @wimmera1 asks for an explanation and is helpfully told “I did think it was an accepted fact”. At this point I’d have to say Yallouz is ahead.




So just be specific… even if you’re wrong?

Sash and Hirdy are in partnership in the chocolate company, it’s not Sash throwing James a bone to raise his profile, it’s James trying to earn a dollar.


bigallan has heaps of runs on the board and has made many significant contributions. She does not deserve this criticism.

If anyone has information about Yallouz that 99% of the rest of us do not have they can share it instead of acting like BB Illuminati.