James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


On the Essendon game? Will definitely be interesting listening


It’s difficult to see how he could coach again in anything like the near future.

rolls eyes I guess I need to point out that this is all speculation before someone does it for me, but…

I can’t see him wanting to leave Melbourne.
No Melbourne club is going to give him the main gig, and it’s difficult to see how any head coach would be comfortable about having him as an assistant. Not because of the saga, but because he can coach. And people know he can coach.
If it were me, I wouldn’t want him nipping at my heels.

I think if he really wanted to coach again any time soon, he’d already be an assistant coach at GC, as perverse as that would be.

As for coaching at Essendon again in any capacity, can’t see it at all.


Bring him back.

He was scapegoated.

We owe him.

He’s symbolic of the resurgence in attitude this club needs.

He Can coach.

He’s James Farking Hird.

There. I said it.


Damn. Damn. Damn the saga. He would have had us contenders for a flag.



We could have had a flag


Would have been in the thick of it for sure.

What could have been versus what actually was…


Won’t coach based on what he said, at least not while his kids are still at home & probably not if Tania has a say.

Takes away from too much family time

Enjoying running his business’s, getting a feeling of coaching with helping young entrepreneurs and will have his footy fix from special comments roles and writing newspaper articles.


Hope he is still mentoring Langford… and hopefully a few others. Would love him back at the club in an official capacity…


I reckon if he went to Collingwood or Carlton as an assistant they’d give him a vacant senior role just to ■■■■ off EFC


The saga gutted our culture. Bring him back and restore faith that the club will back the players and coach.


If we keep sliding, we don’t lose anything by bringing him back. (assuming he has the players support). If he turns the club around all will be forgiven.


I hope he stays right away from coaching forever, he doesn’t need the stress/pain.

Do some commentary & write some articles to scratch the footy itch, focus on business and helping others, would live quite comfortably with all that work and just be happy Jim, enjoy your family time.

Love the great man. His luxurious hair has not been mentioned for awhile, still so jealous.


Nobody could reasonably ask any more of him.


A return to the club might (might) be what we need, but I very much doubt it is what he needs. And after everything he and his family have been through, that is far, far more important.


and to keep away from cycling - at least on real roads with cars and tram tracks



I’d love to see him back - partly cos he can coach, partly as a big F U to the AFL world - but he’s given more than enough to this club.

He comes back cos he and his family want to, not out of some duty to the club.


If you are speaking about James Hird, it won’t happen and he has said so.


I agree it almost certainly won’t happen but I wouldn’t pay much attention to his public comments on it.

In 2010 he said similar whenever he was asked


Unfortunately I can’t see him every being involved in football clubland again, besides maybe a seat on the board.

I guess we will have to settle for him standing on the dais presenting Dyson the Premiership Cup.