James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


I think the culture of this club would benefit from giving the entire football world a massive “FARK YOU ALL”.

Jimmy Hird as coach would be that “FARK YOU ALL”.


Oh, we were in the thick of it for sure. But not the thick that we wanted to be thick into.


We almost lost him before.


Nothing is worth that and with the state of the football media the risk to the the man and his family is way too high.


Would be a great additional to a reasonably uninspiring coaching panel. Even in a part time role.


Hirdy can bring his knowledge of the game, passion for our club and player motivation ability back to the club, without the need for him to be head coach.
The club just needs to show the balls to invite him back, and I’ll think up an innovative job title and commission a superhero cape for him to wear to work.


If you can believe Jake Niall’s reporting in the Rage, Langford contacted Hird at Dodoro’s suggestion and that Hird has an ongoing mentoring role with Langford ( although probably away from the Hangar)


Bring HIRD back to the club.



Hi @Donnington


James Hird rises from the ashes.

Really loved Lloyd’s words on the footy show welcoming hirdy back to his MMM role in footy when asked the question.


Bring him back if only to P. O Demitriou and the liaring ■■■■■■■. G Mac


Does anyone have the link to the full Triple M interview? I’ve only seen a short snippet of it.


If the club had its own in house commentary team for Essendon matches, James Hird would be the perfect addition

And my enjoy of watching a game might increase significantly




James Hird owes this club nothing.


James Hird doesn’t owe anybody anything except those who helped him through his darkest period.

Never read the HS comments section when they publish a click bait Hird article- you only have to read the comment supporting Pauline Hanson recently to know that the average HS reader has fewer brain cells than a sea sponge.





I would happily pay extra for that.


Cheers mate.


Interesting that he said they had a few players end up in mental health facilities during his time as coach.
No surprise given the saga (if it was related) but I think this is the first time I’ve heard it said.