James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Any chance he can walk around to the coaches box at halftime, fark me


I would welcome appointing Hirdy to an assistant coaching role in the near future.

The wait begins.


I guess Chappy is the EFC “legend” @rossoneri

Former Bomber Paul Chapman believes James Hird can still coach at AFL level.


SUPERFOOTY PODCAST James Hird would add value to any club, former Geelong and Essendon star Paul Chapman believes. He tells The SuperFooty Podcast that he thinks Hird ‘wouldn’t make your club worse’.

Just another clickbait article generated from a pretty backhanded comment I imagine. I haven’t read the comment in context.


Was Goddard, was on the WWOS website. Click bait as well and I ended up getting sucked in


The media are download


Zimmer making a solid claim for this weeks Capt Obvious award, … :smirk:


Doing my best, but you’re hard to beat.:grin:




A Sunday paper here had a snippet on the back page that Hird was on the way back. Now channel 7 (Perth) are running with Hird returning to Essendon, as one of their top sports stories. l will report on the follow up.


If he is going to comeback to coaching be it development or in any capacity I hope it’s back at the bombers , not sure I could ever get use to seeing him in different colours, selfish I know :grimacing:


There is a lot in the Worsfold tell them nothing thread. Media beat up


Watched the report, and as ba said, nothing new, all covered elsewhere here, and in more detail.


There’s a spot in a forward pocket for him. That’d be taking forward line coach to a whole new level and avoid having to run messages out. Still looks in good physical condition and would find a way


Lol hirds not coming back. It’s a nice pipe dream but you’re in fantasy land if you think there’s even the remotest possibility of it happening.


I just love how much all of this is boiling the ■■■■ of opposition supporters. And they carry on as if EFC is behind this. It’s all the media, lead by Robbo. The fact is, James Hird is a massive name in football, no matter what he does, it will be reported because of who he is. No doubt Robbo has been sitting on this, waiting for the next opportunity that we are struggling on field and Woosha is under the pump, Hird says “never say never” and BANG, he’s got his story. Ring a couple of ex-players, quote the ones who say he’s a good coach and would be better 2nd time around and it’s all over the back page news. Anyone on Blitz could’ve done that. I don’t begrudge Hirdy anything, the guy had his reputation shattered by an AFL-driven narrative that he was not just coach, but CEO, HR manager, head of sports science, doctor and it was 100% his fault. It sent him to the brink and thankfully he’s back in a good space and I love that he’s doing media stuff now, of which he is very good at. That doesn’t mean he should return as coach, and I would question the sanity of anyone at Essendon in an administrative capacity that would think it’s a good idea.


Assistant coach.
Non-Melbourne club.
Minimum two years.

If he’s that keen, which I doubt he is at all.


I don’t think Hird needs to do an apprenticeship. He’s already been a head coach and doesn’t need to drive with L plates. He knows what the job entails and how to do it. However it might serve the purpose of the public and media getting more used to the idea of Hird back working in a central role in footy.
If we continue to fail on field, Worsfold might be removed one year early, or he may be retained and let go at the end of his contract. Hence, the position of head coach at EFC might be available at the end of 2019 or maybe the end of 2020. If it is, Hird can apply and should be considered on merit. If he’s the best person for the job then we should appoint him.
The problem of course will be the media. Twatley, wordwhorewitch, ralphy and purpleflog will try their best to make his life miserable. Twatley is already trying to paint the picture of a coup (btw, please do some kind of intervention and stop me from watching 360). But there are other media voices who will be reasonable.
I do think Tanner would need to talk to Gil and ensure the AFL have no objections and will not mount their own campaign against Hird. I also think we should make all decisions with complete disregard for any of the bile that spews from those 4 poisonous-bitter-scumsmiths who pretend to peddle news.
Quite possibly, the Board has already excluded any possibility of this happening because of nothing other than perception and that they couldn’t be bothered managing the external hurricane that follows Hird.


If you’re watching AFL 360, it’s already too late for an intervention.


What is all this? Hird himself has said, “NO” His family do not want him to coach and remember they were very much involved in this drama then and now.

James Hird owes this club nothing. This club owes him plenty. But coaching anywhere is as long way off his radar. He looks happier than he has been in a long time and is doing things away from football. Why can’t people just leave him alone and let him do what he wants to do.

Be happy he’s happy.


He’d be a great coach, but the bridge is burned.

Also, would turn the club into a circus again - exactly what the media would love, and exactly what the club doesn’t need (even if we are playing like clowns atm.)