James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Caroline Wilson sticking her oar in on 3AW. He has created a PR disaster for Essendon and needs to be told by X that he is not coming back as senior coach.
Could see this coming.


It would be great if she dropped the oar, tried to recover it, fell into the water and was never heard of again.



Edit: I’d add that she should be eaten by three different sharks. Concurrently.


Boy oh boy, she has an absolute pathological obsession with Jim. Wow…


Who hates Essendon/Hird more? Caro or whately?


Oar to be sure eaten by a crocodile/shark or a 1000 piranhas so we knew for absolute sure she would not return.


Didn’t read further down.


I’ve got a slightly different take on this.

I reckon when Hird made that comment (as innocuous as it was) he knew exactly how the media would take it.

Then there’s a follow up by Robbo. Robbo wrote a lot of articles with information he was fed by Hird during the Saga.

It is possible that Hird does actually want the gig and knew the consequences of saying that thing on radio (particularly given our first two losses)?

Additionally, it is possible that he is now giving info to Robbo to feed the story and progressively build the pressure?

I’m very happy to be convinced otherwise but this doesn’t solely like a media fabrication to me at this stage (though no doubt there are elements of that)


But I want the piranhas to be sedated so they actually eat her quite slowly so she is fully conscious throughout the process.


Why do you hate piranhas so much?


Lol. Essendon’s PR disaster is its horrendous start to the season. The club should be thanking Sir James for somewhat reducing the media spotlight that’s on the playing group.


Which is entirely possibly what he was trying to achieve.


Are you saying Hird is intentionally and actively trying to destabilise Worsfold in order to get his job back?

Perhaps I’m just naive, but that doesn’t sound like something Hird would do.


I think it is more a suggestion that maybe Hird is trying to get some focus away from the players by encouraging a distraction


Me either. I like SMJ’s take though and it’s an interesting discussion point. Hirdy isn’t dumb, he’d know that a “never say never” comment would open a can of worms and cause some publicity. It only takes one hack journo, like Robbo, to take it and run with it.


James Hird would have to be the best click bait headline in Australia.


The ■■■■■ would have a stroke. If he came back


I get that. But perhaps there’s a simpler answer—Hird just responded to a question with the truth (without any nasty agenda attached).


At least he deliberately used the phrase “never say never”, as that was a big talking point when he said similar on talking footy back when Knights was coach.

Probably just trolling, but it was an interesting choice of words.


Hird was around Sheedy long enough to learn from the master of the distraction.