James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Agreed. Your voice of reason is a finely sharpened katana. :laughing:


It would not surprise me in the slightest if Jimmy was appointed Coach before the end of the Season. Lose this week, and the hounds will be released. H.Scum has it in its paper and Robbo on 360 has been very obliquely referencing this the last 2 Mondays.

Let us see what we will see. :wink:


I have a different take on this again

Hird is taking one for the players.
rather than have backpage of how bombers gunned down by saints and ripping into the club and players ie Merett etc.
Backpage is will hird or wont hird return to coaching. with a photo of a supporter and a stand by Hird placard.


Wouldn’t she sizzle of she touches water?


Reckon SMJ is closer


Hire and robbo has a long relationship don’t they. Didn’t robbo help Hird write his book years ago.

I don’t think Hird is trying to destabilise the club, but he isn’t stupid enough to just throw a line out there and expect nobody to pick up on it.

No doubt imo he wants to coach again. If he wanted to get back into it, he would take an assistants job somewhere elseand see how other clubs operate and do things.

Would be a great learning experience


But it equally would have detracted attention off the players if we’d come out, played brilliantly, and won by 100 points. So I don’t think that’s the reason it was said.

I think it was just an off the cuff remark with no further meaning.


People dont seem to notice that he said “my wife will kill me if I say this…” (regarding a return to coaching)

Forget about the #metoo movement or what that fat mole Clementine Ford wants you to think, it’s the wife that makes the final decision. Any married man will tell you that




Do you think Tania told him not to ride a bike after his previous accidents?


I think the rumour was that robbo was the ghostwriter of Hird’s footy column back when Hird was a player. But the rumour never included who did the writing for robbo, as we all know he sure as hell can’t write.


Caroline ■■■■■■■ Wilson said No. The witch said Xavier MUST tell James he will NEVER coach Essendon again. And just for this ■■■■■. BRING HIRDY BACK!


We like them especially if they eat her.


This. So much this. Her reaction would be priceless.


Did they specifically ask him about coaching Essendon or coaching in general?


This thread…

Can’t wait for off-season to be over.


I don’t think he would do that either! He is a good guy - not disputed at all.

I’m just saying that he said what he said, knowing full well what the media result would be - as PP helpfully pointed out - he said the same thing during Knights and he saw what happened.

So he knew what would happen and did it anyway. And I don’t buy that he was trying to create a distraction - the comment has raised the pressure on the club not lessened it.

Given all this, I just think the comment was interesting, that’s all. I don’t really know what to think re motivations. At the very least though, this issue isn’t just a total media fabrication imo. Something’s up




Robbo IS the H Scum. So, only Robbo has been mentioning it.

Also, as mentioned, him and James are pretty close. I’m not averse to the “distract from the players performances / relieve pressure from media stories” theory.


If Hird was the head coach of Essendon either this season or next, you could knock me over with a haddock.
I love the great man, but if Essendon did this I’d think every last person there had gone insane.
It would be hands down the ballsiest/stupidest move since Nobby Testicle put his nuts in a vice and said, ‘go your hardest, I reckon the vice will break first.’