James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Is that a true story about Nobby Testicle? I just googled him and couldn’t find the whole story so it must have been pre google. Regardless, I like the cut of Nobby’s jib.


Love him.

But this would be the absolute biggest move backwards ever. EVER. Far out what a dumb, stupid suggestion.


The fact that it would competely annoy the ■■■■ out of the masses and that sour ■■■■■ Caro would probably go into a fit of rage on live TV is enough for me.





I find it odd that Robbo and Hird are close.

Robbo doesnt seem like the kind of person Hirdy would hang out with, but meh, what would I know.

I know RObbo tried to help him out during saga, but still, its Robbo.


April 1st would’ve been the ideal time to announce the return of Hird…


Who we all know is, no matter what else,… still EFC to the marrow.


I don’t know, he does love the club - maybe he has been watching us play?


What if Hird changed his name to John Worsfold and came back under that arrangement?


Neeld has already done that. Note how we have started this year. :wink:


Football has became wrestling. People want Hird back just to stick the finger up at the afl.

Why not just go all in, Hirdy back and at the first press conference gives Gill a Stunner then shotguns a few cans of beer. The flags are sure to follow.


It’s not like that was the first time James has said “never say never”… He said it on Crawf and Hirdy when they asked him about a return to coaching. Seems to me he was just being honest - doesn’t mean he is actively chasing the senior coach position at Essendon. I reckon it just means that after everything that has happened to him he still loves footy and still believes in his ability to coach. Unfortunately, it probably means if he does get back into coaching it won’t be at Ess… Our loss!


I for one welcome our new Worsfold overlord


I don’t think our players ever looked/seemed confused under Hird, They do under Worsfold all the time.


I would replace Luke Balls role with Hird

The players will be thrilled seeing Hird everyday at the club


I’m hearing good things about his brother, John Hird.


*NB: Where ALL the time = about 10 games (at the start of Seasons whilst implementing new Game plans / structures) out of 69.


If this thread achieves nothing else, let it be said that provides concrete evidence Hirdy needs to grow a glorious moustache.


The moe looks great.


ha - I love where you took it from.


So much rage…