James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Hopefully once he knows “John” Hird is coaching, “Tobe” Watson will sign with us.


Tobe doesn’t seem to exude the same masculine qualities his brother does.


Tobe Watson plays for Freo…



He attended the off-season Colorado camp and was the only one who understood what it was for…



Yea honestly just want to seem him re appointed just for the media and public’s reaction. Would be Hysterical .


I concur.

Motion passed.


Hasn’t played a game, I see. Is this one of those token claims by a WA club, and he returns next year to jump over people and put us into the Grand Final?


Why is this not a thing?

Stream, or even an arrangement with a radio station.

I’m sure it would be easy to get an aspiring commentator wishing to further their career to do the play by play and have guys like JH provide special comments.

Media rights mean it would have to be done in partnership with Triple M or similar.

Or underground.


Let’s face it. Hirdy returning pipe dream speculation is more exciting than actually watching the Dons at the moment.


Poor man’s Caracella.


Any chance you can don your media hat briefly and pen an article about this topic for us?


You’ve got it wrong, that’s Pablo Hird de Espana


I’d argue it’s 10 to 12 of our last 25-30. Not sure it’s even up for debate that our players seem confused a lot more than other teams.


I’d rather the Crawf and Hirdy podcast return


Crawf Hirdy Hooker & Bellchambers Blitzcast… and Ralph


Since being ‘sacked’ or ‘resigned’, Hird has always felt he has left a lot still on the table and a sense of unfinished business with coaching Essendon.

It’s doubtful he will get another chance again tho.


Embarrassingly so.




that’s a pretty cool, calm and collected first up goal


Imagine kicking a drop punt close to goal.