James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


If the man makes the decision anyway, and that doesn’t turn out well, any wife will tell him about that, over and over again


James Hird … “My Wife told me if I ever even considered Coaching Essendon again, she’d leave me. Shitt I’ll miss her, …” :smirk:


Imagine not shanking it OOF like they do these days!


imagine a forward making space in the forward line to receive a nice pass for an easy mark with time to kick a goal


Aahhh, for the good old days when we didn’t have to strain our imaginations…!


An interesting tid bit in the age real footy podcast indicated a current assistant coach (not sure if team) would hand in his accreditation if Hird returned to the game.



Oh well. Off ya fark then, ****


whatever it takes


Hope it’s Mitchell and I hope the door hits him hard on the way out.




Of course if Hird were to re-enter the game, this assistant would renege on his word, not leaving a job without severance pay.

Muppet thing to say by a muppet individual.


I really do hope, with all my heart, that Jimmy doesn’t feel the need to re-enter footy in any kind of coaching position. Because people are just ■■■■■■■ arseholes. And it won’t be pretty. I don’t want him to go through the inevitable ■■■■ storm. I hope that he can look back and say - meh - I did what I could - it turned out horribly, but I did what I could. On the other hand, if he does feel the need and does in fact, come back to footy - he has my support.


I’m not all aboard him returning to coaching, but I agree.

If anyone is that vindictive/precious (depending what angle you look at it), then they can ■■■■ off. People like that are probably no good for a team environment anyway.


in that case


Tony Shaw with NFI as usual

Pies under Buttifant (heads of sports science) weren’t just having Vitamin C. Every club that had the resources to was pushing the line.

And players weren’t forced to do anything


‘Tony Shaw is a ■■■■’ is hardly a story.


I don’t like that I suddenly hope Shaw gets a broken ankle.


Oh, you should.
Just a horrible man.


Mark Harvey?


Lol, Tony Shaw. The ■■■■ went for a jog and ran into a ■■■■■■■ tree for ■■■■ sake and broke his nose.