James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


I miss floggs like Shaw being at Collingwood, when he was coaching them to a wooden spoon.

He made it very easy to hate them and beat them at the same time, great combo.


Tony Shaw plz


Poor man’s Sarah


Tony Shaw could barely look a garden gnome in the eye. He couldnt bash his way out of a paper bag.


Tony Shaw can ■■■■ off.
Another dumb ■■■■ with a big mouth and no idea!


Hirdy should invite the prick to go 5 Rounds.


Tony Shaw included. That short angry bloke who once coached the Magpies and got the bullet.


And subsequently, you little, methy, semi-literate, mulleted, cognitively impaired shitstain of the highest order, had your fetid ■■■■ handed back to you.

With a ■■■■■■■ invoice for services rendered.

Piece of ■■■■.


Go on, Shaw. Give it a crack.

Ask Winston Abraham what happens when you get your ability to run your mouth confused with your ability to not TALK SHITT, GET HIT.




Stay classy Tony


A bit of hate speech there, encouraging physical violence


The fight would be reminiscent of their respective playing careers:

Tony Shaw doesn’t even lay a scratch on James Hird.



Despite my somewhat visceral reaction, it’s really the irresponsibility of those remarks that irks me.

“Hey everyone, it would be perfectly ok to try and bash the guy who has had his mental health pushed to the point of self harm over something he didn’t even do”.



I know I shouldn’t be surprised but how sad that a member of the media with the contacts that he has makes such a stupid comment without taking into account the facts and the structure at EFC during Hird’s tenure.

This is how I feel even factoring in Shaw being a moronic half wit.


Yes, waiting for condemnation from AFL House.


I’m waiting for delivery of my solid gold toilet.


Tony Shaw has serious form in not understanding how to be a decent human being. These quotes were made by him in 1991.

“If I think I can say something to upset someone, then I’ll say it. I couldn’t give a stuff about their race, religion or creed. If they react, you know you’ve got 'em.”

‘‘If they’re going to get upset by taunts, then they shouldn’t be playing. We’re men, we’re not kids. It’s no different calling a bloke a black ■■■■■■■ than him calling me a white honky, and it only lasts as long as the game. And listen, any bloke in the history of footy who was a dead-set winner will tell you the same, they’ll do anything they can to win.’’


Great pick up, what a dumbarse moron.


I had the pleasure of booing TS last year (and raising examples of Melbourne, Geelong, Gold Coast) when he expressed similar sentiments, saying how angry he would be with Hird as a player’s parent. Plenty were clapping him though.