James Hird: Releases the lid right off!


Where does Caroline Wilson stand on this, seeing as how she kicked up a storm about Eddie’s comments ?


Not what Nicky Winmar was saying.


The quotes above from Shaw were taken from a Carowhine article. So the real question is does she detest Shaw or Hird more.


It’s quite amusing that while Mr Tough Guy Shaw is bragging about how he would have belted Hird if he was a player’s parent, several actual parents of actual players that I had the privilege of communicating with during the saga couldn’t have been more genuine in their affection and respect for Hird. Admittedly, my sampling is a small one, but they must all now be in such awe of Shaw’s superior insight and fortitude…


I don’t think my heart could handle seeing James in another club’s coaching box.
At the end of the day though I just hope above all that he pursues whatever makes him the most happy because he fkn deserves it.


I’d belt Shaw with my hands tied.


I’d knee him, don’t think I could bend that low to hit him.


Shaw’s comments just make me want to see Hird coach again even more.


“Ex-AFL player seeks relevance”

No thanks Tony.


Stick to trying to sell real estate Tony.
Oh that’s right - you’re not very good at that either.


Does anyone know what abraham was trying to achieved?

because i am in awe.


Hird to collingwood.


o.m.g. could you imagine…


Tony Shaw is still alive?

Oh well in that case FOAD Tony you little turd


Tell me it’s your legs you’re going to use, and not go for the old teabag…


Tony who?


Who screwed up my video with only right channel sound?!?

(All the versions you see of this came from my original posting of it a very long time ago…)


so he condones violence. F*cking clown.


Read the comments on article on Facebook.
Everyone just having a crack at she for being a shortarse and that Hird would smash him.


Didn’t Buckely say he would be ok with having Hird at Collingwood?