James Hird: Releases the lid right off!

Took out the legs twice - looks terrible now. Knew how to get the ball though that’s for sure.

well he would have gotten done for tackling below the knees

One of those players who slowed down time and played in his own world.

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I think this is true and we have never quite replaced the leadership void that we lost when Hird/Sheedy left and then Hird/Jobe got caught up in the saga. Hepp and Hurls are good onfield leaders, but we need Merrett, Joe and Fanta to step up to become strong leaders.
Our off-field leadership ie woosha, xav, tanner are uurrhm enigmatic(??).


It was the way we lost Sheedy. Sacked mid season but allowed to coach to the end of the season. That showed no respect for what he had done and for the man. Hird’s sacking by the club is a stain on the EFC. He should have been supported, but initially in 2013 a deal was done with the AFL by the club to sacrifice him. And then in 2015, under pressure from the AFL, the club sacked him. How can you expect leadership from the coach and players when you can’t trust the board.


I don’t think so, because he was very creative, naturally flowing almost graceful player and could change tack on a threepenny bit. We have NOT had a player like him since and maybe we never will.


How long is that clip?
How many Goal of the Year?
Hirdy :heart_eyes:

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CSo the AFL has officially apologised to Goodes for its inaction when he was being booed.
I’m not buying into the rights and wrongs of booing Goodes and whether he was a victim of racial persecution or not. That debate belongs elsewhere.
What I am unhappy about is the AFL feeling the need to apologise for its inaction. For inaction? ie doing nothing? That is just a pathetic, wish washy bowing to the prevailing sentiment of sympathy for Goodes, produced by the film that has been released.
Any half principled leader of that organisation of manipulating, lying Rsoles should make the very first item on their agenda of righting wrongs of the past, a full apology and admission of wrongdoing in their disgraceful campaign of character assassination of James Hird in 2013.
I could go on, and every time I speak to anyone who wants me to leave it in the past, I want to go on.
But, I will never, ever, ever have anything but contempt for those pr!cks until they acknowledge the wrong they did to Hird (and others) at that time.
Apologise to Goodes for inaction. Fark me. They have bigger fish to fry.


Hird should coach Carlton.

He’s already been punished enough.


Hey Blitz,… just saw this come up on the Local FB M/Place board.

Don’t know if it’s good value or what, but thought someone here might be keen. It’s a closed board (as they are), but if anyone’s interested, hit me up and I’ll pass on your number or something.???

Click on the pic, … and then click again to enlarge. (ICYDK)

I have the same.
I bought it a long time ago for $900.
Problem being both Hird and Lloyd we’re still playing when this was made and Hird won a BnF in that time

So $180 is a fair bargain then, yeah??

$700 discount for going to Wonthaggi.
Seems about right.

If it’s authentic yes, there should be a sticker on the he back.
It’s hard to see close up on this picture but it looks slightly different to my authentic one.

“WonTropolis” I call it these days.

By christ it’s full during the day now. It’s like being in fkn Melbourne.

And if I had to move there, I’d still prefer that to the Burbs I gotta say. 5 k’s to Cape, 12 to Invy, 7 to Killy, and 15 to San Remo.

Got everything you’d find in Town now too, …other than a K Mart and a HJ’s, … even got their 1st set of traffic lights a few months back!!!

People been cottoning on to all that for a few years now, Property prices have been going off for a while.

You didn’t Zoooooom, . did ya … :smirk:


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Where’s the work?

De Sal.

wtf is the crawfhirdy podcast at?

No I didn’t

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