Jason Johnson -Open Mike

For those looking to get a footy fix, Jason Johnson is the interviewee on tonight’s Open Mike episode. Very timely given we haven’t dominated the AFL like we have today since JJ was running around.


God it was great having team of hard-nuts. JJ, his ‘twin’ Mark Johston. Solomon, Wallis, Hardwick & Barnard.

And the physicality from JJ was just pure footy hardness. No malice.


You’d love him in the midfield right now. Would complement Pidge, Darc, Shiel, Zerrett and Hepp really well. Super player, no nonsense footballer.


And super hard at it.

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Looks in really good shape

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Any idea why he didn’t play in the 99 finals?

Would crash and bash in the middle to get the ball out our midfield is missing his type loved him.

Quality person. Got the most out of himself as a player I think. Has done well for himself post footy it seems. Very happy for him.


I think it’s the same reason he often only played half games in 2000.

His tank was poor to begin with.

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i played sport school wasnt for me lol love it

This is a guy that was underrated as a footballer. Never spoken about as an elite mid by the media, but he was as elite as any mid playing.


plays golf off plus one…woweee

He played the back-end of 1998 with a broken toe. Had it operated on post season and ended up with golden staph. Put him out of action for a few months, never got a proper run at it in ‘99.


The entire 2000 side is underrated by the media, probably because they didn’t go and parade themselves about in cushy media gigs afterwards

Unfortunately, failing to win a back-to-back flag in 01’ has a bit to do with this in my view.


Should have 1999, 2000 and 2001. Easily the best team in 1999, except for that one FarkCarlton game !!


2001 comeback game fckd the team and they weren’t able to go b2b imo


I always thought that. Injuries an ran of puff

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I know I need to get a life and get over it but it still ■■■■■■ me off we didn’t get at least 1 more flag from that era :joy:

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Played a good game in the reserves flag in 99 from memory. He was on the comeback from injury.