JLT#3 V Geelong, Bendigo: "The Reveal"

This game will effectively unveil the 22 we take into Round 1, with a number of spots TBD due to probable absence of several key players, such as Hooker and maybe Hurls.

However, there will be several new players Woosha may want to try out, such as Begley, to see if he can back up his 4 goal bag last week, and McGrath, to see if he can continue to improve and stake a legitimate claim to hit the ground running in Round 1, but it has been said that the bench will be limited to 4, to approach real game conditions.

No doubt this will be the most significant statement yet about the shape of the initial best 22.

I suspect the players would know by now who was definite in, who is a chance; on the cusp, if you like. That would be about 28-30 players, then theres the rest who will know they have to do lots of work on their game in the VFL to break into the side. There is a VFL practice game on Saturday. That would also be very interesting in this context.


This is a very important game this weekend.

A 10 goal plus hiding by Geelong would dampen expectations for 2017

Isn’t step 3 “The Pretige”?


Steps? Why take the steps when there is an elevator?

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Some say Carltons poor showing in JLT will cost them 3000 members .

Geelong will probably adopt the same philosophy in terms of selection.

So will it be “game on” for both teams. or are we going to keep it under control adopt a “hit out” game plan and try to minimise injury ?

I thought it was:

STEP 3 - Shhhhhh be quiet ■■■■■■■


Cats fully aware we are playing a full strength side. Its plastered all over their website.

The Harves presser was a bit of an "OK come at me " invitation in effect.

Harves looked pretty grumpy with that presser. didnt seem his usual jolly self.

“Harves looked pretty grumpy with that presser. didnt seem his usual jolly self.”

Woosha dumped him in it.
Woosha is working out some new stock cliches for the 26 post game pressers he will have to do this year.
All the 2016 ones are well and truly past their use by date.

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Isn’t the VFL practice match on March 17 rather than this Saturday?

They have scheduled the ( intraclub) VFL practice matches early to help bring the returning players up to speed and help the players to “gel”
Intraclubs have to be played on the weekend, becuase the VFL players are not full time professional footy players.

Ahh ok I didn’t realise any of the returning players played in those intra club matches. I know Francis and Draper have played in them. And as I understand it Hooker will either play JLT3 or VFL Practice Match 1 on March 17. Unless the VFL for Cale they mean is the intra club?


Would be great if Daniher can play up the ground rather than be constantly engaged with one on Lonergan or Henderson deep in the 50…
Those two are the kings of grappling and not allowing you to jump at the ball… Currently if you can do that to JD he becomes almost non-existant…

OK, I agree. I think you are right Nick. I was talking to Dan Jordan last week. He told me that they have been having a number of early VFL intraclubs. I assumed it was one of them, but clearly if he is not ready for the AFL this weekend it has to be the VFL match next week. Thanks for that.

No worries mate. Spoke to Cale himself last week and that’s what I got from what he said. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the boys join in the VFL intra club just to manage their loads. Looks at this stage Cale will play in the VFL which I think is at Kardinia Park on March 17.

I hope Mutchie gets a run across half back.

Joel Selwood, now officially challenging Luke Hodge for braveness. Lost his club TAC sponsorship.

Such courage.

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So Green out of JLT3?