JLT Community Series fixture

■■■■!! Feb 24
Colac March 11

2018 JLT Community Series fixture
October 26, 2017 9:39 AM


Essendon will take on Geelong in Colac in the 2018 JLT Community Series.
Essendon will play in Wangaratta and Colac in the 2018 JLT Community Series.

The Bombers will take on Richmond at Norm Morris Oval on Saturday February 24th in Wangaratta, before travelling to Colac to take on Geelong on Sunday March 11th.

The shortened pre-season format will be played across a three-week stretch and wind up on March 11.

The first weekend (February 24-25) sees four matches played on Saturday and Sunday, while there are Wednesday and Thursday night matches in weeks two and three.

All 18 clubs will have a bye during one of the two opening weekends, but each team will be in action in the final round from March 7-11.

Essendon JLT Community Series Fixture

Essendon vs Richmond

Saturday February 24 (Week one)

Norm Morris Oval (Wangaratta)

4:35pm (EDT)

Geelong vs Essendon

Sunday March 11 (Week three)

Central Reserve (Colac)

2:05pm (EDT)


Wangaratta Oval is a death-trap, especially with two popular teams.

Fire up the plane, we’re going to ■■■■!


Fmd, w a n g is not a swear word.






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Major meh

Not even one game at Etihad


■■■■!! born and bred (aint we all)
nicked a cricket ball from warnie back in the day from Norm Morris oval, true story
concur ■■■■ ground

General Little on the Plane!

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Interested to hear how pre season means nothing or how exciting things are for Rd 1 based on how we go.

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Classics of the genre.

I don’t care for these games but I’m disappointed they’re reduced. I want to see the whole list get a proper hit out and the young kids get a crack and i just don’t think that will happen with this reduced format.

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So Geelong get a home game in Colac, to expand their base.
And we get Wangaratta. Again.
Seriously, wtf.
Darwin or Horsham, mofos.

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Very happy this is against a couple of quality sides. It will give us the opportunity to tune up against one and launch a full strength team against the other. Last thing we wanted would be playing North etc.


play in Tasmania FFS!!


Norf thread ———————>>>

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Yeah, maybe… maybe not. Sometimes the best sides don’t treat the preseason games as seriously as some of the lesser sides.

In particular the premiers aren’t likely to be anywhere near full noise. And if Geelong rests Ablett / Selwood / Dangerfield, then they aren’t really a top side either.

Either way, its a bit of kick and giggle. No injuries thanks. Same philosophy applies to that stupid AFLX rubbish.

Essendon hasnt played in Tasmania since 1996 I believe game at North Hobart vs the swans in a preseason game.
Thats over 20 years ago!
The only club not to play at York Park/Aurora/UTAS stadium.

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