JLT2 vs Geelong Thursday 7th March 7.10pm. Big home ground advantage at GMHBA

Based on last week, he team will be announced at 6.30, tonight, so spare us the “where is the team ?”
Its more a question of “Joe Daniher how many goal” and which daft commentators will do the FOX footy coverage ?

Oh, yes and will we take the 4 points?

Woosha probably need this win to keep his job


The problem with Blitz at the moment is i genuinely can’t tell if this is a joke.


Where’s the Faark in team?

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Ins: To be announced
Outs: To be announced
Staying Out: Hooker

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Is he a definite to play this week? I thought a few weeks ago they were indicating he would only play one of the JLT games

Cant wait to see this place implode when Geelong do us by 6 goals

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I believe GMBHA is the drug of choice in Geelong


Who cares if CD gets the match stats wrong again, it only a practice game.

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My Guess
In: Fantasia (modified), Bellchambers, Myers, Zerk-Thatcher,
Out: Jok (Concussion) Clarke, Long, Hartley

Would be great if they give Zerk a chance, Hartley has had many and think he will get another one this week.

B Saad Hurley Francis
HB McKenna Zerk-Thatcher Ridley
C Zaharakis Heppell© Smith
HF Fantasia Brown Laverde
F Stringer Daniher Tippa
R Bellchambers McGrath Shiel
Int: Merrett Myers Parish Langford McKernan Baguley Ambrose Guelfi
Emg: Hartley Stewart, Draper, Clarke, Long

Would love to see Zerk-thatcher get a chance.
Hurley to Fullback to lead the defence
Merrett starts on pine as was rubbish last week, should fire him up a bit :slight_smile:

starting on the bench in a practice match… that’ll show him…


was only joking, i just like my starting midfield wanted to reward McGrath for last week, and its hard to fit all those mids in the team. Thats whay last week shiel and zaharakis were named as a half forwards.
Wheras this week I have named Fantasia and rewarded Laverde for his half.

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I’d be shocked if we play 26 again this week. 24 at most I reckon

Where’s the ■■■■■■■ team???


Fantasia, Bellchambers and maybe Daniher on modified time i’d think. They might throw in a few extras.

I’d really like to see Dylan Clarke and BZT get a chance this week, even if it is just to show what they can do (ie not seriously being considered for R1).
Young guys need a taste of it. If they get too much time at VFL level exclusively, they can find it hard to adapt up to AFL level when the time comes.
However, I don’t think Worsfold is that kind of coach. He is pretty conservative in relation to change, and blooding young players.


In the first quarter

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Don’t really care about the result as long as we are competitive and don’t get blown away. It’s down at the cattery, cats don’t lose too many at home.

My wish list:

  • No injuries
  • Midfielders gel and build their form
  • Joey to kick a few and really get his confidence up
  • Ambrose holds down FB

Where’s the training report?

I want us to use the game to plan for the next 8 weeks without Hooker. So have a look at Zerk.

Normally Cale would go to Hawkins, I want Hurley to do the lock down role on him even though he is giving away a bit of size & strength. This will hopefully light the wick in Woosha’s brain that at least in the short term, use Mighty Mick Hurley on the number one key forward in the opposition.

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