Joe Daniher - KPF

There’s only one other club that I can think of is doing what we’re doing to our key forward, and that’s Gold Coast.

We’re a KPF short, and it’s hurting us and it’s hurting Daniher.

He’s not going to be the player he could be if we’re asking him to do everything.

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We have a Joe Daniher thread. Like clearly.

Do your business mods @theDJR

Thought it was closed 10k.

No. A second thread was created weeks ago. #6 Joe Daniher - too many p(o)ints for one thread


Wasn’t interested in the pints.

Has a club ever needed Zac Clark fit as much as we do right now.

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Why the ■■■■ do you think that is? You don’t think having McKernan, Brown, Stewart and Clarke all out injured has anything to do with it?


It hurt us against Collingwood and it’s hurting us now.
Not saying it’s necessary every week, but it’s far too much to ask of Daniher this week.
He can’t kick four goals from the backline.

Well…we do have another ruckman.
And another KPB for that matter.

Start a new thread every time you have a thought about a player. Sounds awesome. Wimmera_is_Magic_Like_Stars?

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Do you have anything else to do other than put ■■■■ on me?

I explained why I opened the thread, and yet here you are.
Being an absolute ■■■■.
To me.

Despite the COUNTLESS times I’ve told you to just. fark. off.

You have a SERIOUS farking problem.

Yep. WTF

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Terrible man sorry but garbage thread.

Brown, Stewart and Mckernan all say hi.

We should play stewart, smack, or brown. WTF are these coaches doing!?

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Whooooooooa. Well that got nuts. I’m outta here

I’m aware they’re all out.
Draper and Hartley were available.

I would also argue that Daniher is being asked to do way too much second ruck.

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Your alright wim, but this is next level wob truth thread rubbish



For those that can’t read, I looked up the Daniher thread, saw it was 10K closed.

Oh how I wish I believed you.