Joe Rogan

I remember my brother telling me about Rogan at a new years Eve party a long time ago at and it took me the best part of 5 years to find my own way there but I’m glad I did.

Perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea but the format and the space he gives interesting, passionate people is just fascinating, particularly in the context of a society which is/was moving in the opposite direction towards 100 characters and outage.

@Paul_Peos @Preliminary_Point2 this is the defacto Graham Hancock thread.

If they talked about something on Rogan and you want to talk about it, discuss it here.

Rogan’s positions on vaccination are, controversial, but if nothing else some of the guests he had in recently had me asking important questions and doing some more digging before I got the kids vaccinated. That’s healthy, in general discourse and debate is. There should be more of it.


Spreading vaccine and other related misinformation to a huge audience during a pandemic. Hard pass.


I noticed that Neil Young made an ultimatum with Spotify: remove Rogan or remove me.

Spotify removed all Neil Young songs.


Yeah, not entirely unfair and important to include this perspective, but sometimes it’s important to actually listen to what the smartest people on the other side have to say and he’s provided a forum for some of those individuals.

To be clear I think his format is a winner and I’m not a proponent of his vaccine views, but you can’t lump him in with the 5g brigade either

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Is that legit?

They paid 100m for the rights for his podcast. Neil Young’s catalogue just don’t have that kind of pull. As much as I love Carnegie Hall.

I started listening in 2010, it was magic for doing shift work. Just chuck it on for 3 hours and.let the weird chats happen.

The move to Spotify and his truly garbage Covid opinions have certainly taken the shine off the JRE for me of late, but there was a good 1000+ episodes before all that, and I still give him credit for them

My boy Josh Zepps gave him a solid talking to a few weeks back, which was good.

But yeah, my fav stuff:

  • All things Graham Hancock.
  • Chris Ryan and his ‘Sex at Dawn’ stuff was cool to listen to.
  • Joe embarrassing Dave Rubin a few years back still makes me giggle.

And just for the record, he’s not anti-vax, and much of his stuff gets deliberately taken out of context, but he has been pretty rubbish overall during the pandemic, disappointingly so.


yes, type Neil Young into google and you will find a billion articles on it.

Neil Young is awesome, and very popular, but he’s doesn’t drag 11 million people an episode to the platform.

It was a no-brainer for Spotify.


He lost me when he got Covid after pushing ivermectin as a treatment (bullshit) and then took a cocktail of treatments unavailable to most of his listeners who don’t have his sort of bank (monoclonal antibodies, z-pack antibiotics and others) while continuing to say that ivermectin was useful.

I can’t listen to someone who pushes lies that kill people.


It will be interesting to watch and see what happens. Young has called out to the industry and asked artists to pull their music from Spotify.

I do think it’s important to hear perspectives from a range of people/sources and probably be interested if not for the COVID stuff.

Rogan will just go back to his old ‘rss’ platform, and be absolutely fine. He was making 20+ million a year in ads before Spotify bought him.

Spotify need Rogan more than he needs them.

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I haven’t followed the ivermectin stuff I have to say. By kill people I assume you mean encouraging or enabling anti vaxers generally?

I agree, I was meaning it more in whether the other music industry artists will follow suit.

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Not only did Joe Rogan underplay the severity of COVID, he also pushed non-WHO/FDA treatments/medications and all but said anyone who wears a mask is a ■■■■■. He’s a big, dumb potato.


He had an Aussie journo on the other day who was challenging him on some of covid/Vax/ mask rubbish


Who? Is this the mma commentator ?


I’d much prefer to listen to Neil Young than this Rogan twerp.


He has some amazing guests. It’s just a pity that most of the time he’s ignorant as ■■■■ in his USA bubble