John "given em nothin" Worsfold


I’m just worried that if North/Collingwood focus on doing to us what WCE did for 2.5 quarters, that the result will be similar to Richmond.

But then, I was overseas for the Geelong match, so the last games I’ve seen live are Richmond, Hawks, Demons and Collingwood. So I may be a little scarred yet!


I’m not too concerned about North doing that to us but Collingwood could.

That game will be quite telling as they disposed of us easily the first time around so it will be interesting to see how we perform against them this time around.

I just think that we might gain a lot from this crappy year as opposed to say last year which in ladder position was much better but in reality may not have been any better for us.


The Eagles game was what I’d hoped our season would be.

Lots of defensive effort, plenty of attacking opportunities and intent, sometimes things going a little awry as we try and get better as a footy side.

Sure, I’d loved them to have gone on with it and won 100-2. But I hardly think we are anywhere near that good a side yet.

I’m a very happy Essendon supporter at present. Disappointed that we threw away the year so early, sure. But still very happy.


You mean get a free kick for every contest?


Although I’d like to see some of these when we lose so he can show us what should have happened


Why the ■■■■ would you do that?


Because it might show that some of Blitz’s whipping boys were actually in the right spots, doing the team thing, and it was some of the golden boys who lost focus, and were caught out of position.
Or it might show the exact opposite, and confirm people’s hatred for “insert names here.”

Either way it would be interesting.


It’s one thing to throw the odd bone to the supporters, it’s another thing entirely to do other clubs work for them and publicly pick apart your ■■■■ ups.


You might be right for Norf who can’t afford an opposition video analyst.
But I reckon the other clubs might just know where we fuckedup on a single passage of play already.

Not to mention that the example is used so we don’t do it again.

If you’re that paranoid about the opposition how are you stopping them reading all of Blitz’s in depth analysis?
DKP has done their work for them in that case.


You’re not serious aren’t you?


Hopefully less serious than Reboots fear of showing a single Harding analysis of where we went wrong.


I must have the same problem as Reboot because I think it’s pointless showing it.

The stuff they show is generally pretty fluffy I reckon. Yes it’s generally good, but no doubt there would be far more meaningful, complex things that they don’t show us.
Showing the negatives would be the same. It would be obvious stuff that blind freddy could pick up.


After the Richmond game

“So you can see our forward line is empty. But we’ve just bombed it in there and Rance has zoned off and taken an uncontested mark. This was not our plan”



What Harding is going through is just one passage of play. Hardly the full gameplan.



Yes, it was!


We have a lot of blind Freddie’s on Blitz.
For example it’s obviously the Corgi’s fault that all our mids were sucked in to the contest on the half back flank leaving space for an opposition mid 40 out.

None of you responded to my first post on this re it being potentially interesting as to which players were at fault / caught out of position when we “ bomb it long to Rance”
This is the potentially interesting aspect, and doesn’t give away trade secrets.


Man I can’t wait till we sack this guy




I have no idea why the club, or any club, would want to.
I understand why you would want to see it, but not why a club would do it.


You bothered to post this after a great win?
I used to respect your posts
Go back to the celebration thread ( and get those chips cut off your shoulders)