John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Thanks Woosha (and Skippy) for a great game of footy.
Go Bombers.




Always room for improvement but even his staunchest blitz critics have to be happy with our last 6wks or so.

In any other game of previous years we would have folded like a deck chair. We pegged back a 20 pt lead, got out to 30 ourselves, absorbed everything they had and still got the job done.


Any comments from JD Gofuckhimsef?


I actually get what you mean, genuinely.

My observation is this after a loss, this thread gets spammed, but after a win, there’s donuts.

Just trying to even the ledger but I respect your point or view totally. I’m a fan of your posts too, actually :grinning:


Edit: I should probably also say that I didn’t see the game. Issues at home. But I hope to watch it later tonight and I’ll be straight into the review thread don’t you worry!


Very, very impressive.
The way we soaked up the pressure when North changed the way they played…outstanding.
Colyer looked lost in the first half (when caught down back, and fair enough, he’s not a backman) but really came into the game late.
And I’ve been a pretty harsh critic of him.

…maybe some arrogance on Scott’s part?
That’s the game we want to play and they let us play it for a half.
And of course the real tests are to come.
But you’d have to be impressed with that performance.
Again, not just because of the win, but winning is always good.


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We have grown in the last 6 weeks. We have shown we can fight it out in a dog fight and nullify teams and now we have shown we can win a shootout.

If teams let us play our game we’ll win just about all of them but the good thing has been we have been beating teams with great defensive pressure and restricting the scoring.

Also good to kick 18 goals considering our 3 main forward from last year weren6t in the forward line this year.

Was (am) a huge critic of worsfold but cant fault him (and assistants and team) last 6 weeks.


I’m sure you will find something to moan about.


Wrong again, but you should be used to that


Credit where it’s due. Ever since neeld got the sack he seemed a lot more engaged and the team has really got a different mindset about it.

The fact that the fwd line is functioning as well as it is without its best player is a credit to him

Please keep it up


Lets not give Skippy a pass mark for the season even at this stage, but the proof is there in the wins and the stats that the performance of our midfield has improved a lot this year. Yesterday when we were -8 on hitouts to advantage we won clearances and contested ball and we scored heavily from stoppages and won the game again. Even in the bad Richmond loss we won the clearances Is it Skippy, or is it Pops Kelly who has turned our midfield stoppage performance around ? Hard to tell. But while we are winning even Skippy deserves a big pat on the back for performances like that


Even if there is a clear definition between what Pops does (stoppages) and what Skippy does (overall midfield), Skippy still deserves credit due to the amount of pressure that is being applied now compared to previous seasons.

For me that has been the greatest difference and winning the clearances has been the bonus part.


I think alot of it has stopped since neeld was sacked.

Which begs the question, how much of it was blameable on him.
By results alone youd have to say 5/6th was his fault :joy:.

But in general there is a very distinct and remarkable turnaround since the Carlton game, and i rhink most who were critical of worsfold are just doing what people keep telling them too, sitting back and enjoy the ride.

Even yesterday in the first qtr and it looked like north may run away with it, it was still pleasing to see our players swarming the opposition defensively.

Or maybe the carlton game broke people and that was rock bottom, so anything thats better than that game is a win.


Isnt it funny, that you and I and a few others are generally labelled as always focusing on the negatives, being miserable never beeing happy, blah blah blah.

Pretty much the last 6 weeks we’ve done pretty muxh nothing but admire the turn around and way they are playing.
Yet the same old people who label us as always being negative are the ones who are always looking and expecting the worst in and of others , and find it even when its not there.
Oh the irony.


Forget about the last 6 weeks for a moment- is Woosha the coach for Essendon Football Club going into 2019?


Stoppages and clearances is Kelly. General midfield is Skipworth.


Irony? Seriously? Labelling? Remember the term ‘happy clapper’? You used it. You supported Aceman’s call to not go to the football. To send a message to EFC. The carry on in the ‘soft’ thread wast tripe as was some stuff in this thread. We are playing some really good football, just enjoy it. Worsfold is clearly coaching well. We are neither top 4 or bottom 4. We missed Fantasia and McKenna more than we realised.


The turnaround in the midfield has been superb. Mr fixit Skipworth hey, who would have thought. The forwardline is still a bit of a concern for mine. North decided not to play a spare in defence yesterday which is usually what we struggle with. Actually a strange coaching performance from scott, why would you go into a shootout with us, it’s the one thing everyone knows we do well.