John "given em nothin" Worsfold


If stoppages and clearances are Kelly’s work then he should claim huge plaudits for the turnaround.
The improvement from players in congestion panicking to give the ball off to anyone as long as they didn’t get tagged, to a composed thoughtful disposal flow knowing when or when not to give off has been pretty impressive the last month. Never more evident than in a player like Myers, who you can now notice thinks and works his way through traffic better than we’ve ever seen before.


In the past when Scott got a couple of goals ahead in the last, he would send Petrie and more recently Waite down back as a +1. This used to be standard operating procedure. However, in a strange move, mainly to stop the bleeding I guess, Ben Brown was playing down back for a time in the 3rd quarter. Strange move from Scott considering he would then have no KPF and was already behind on the scoreboard. It didn’t seem right because we had 2 tall forwards and the move made us +1 down back, but sure enough, Ben Brown clunked a number marks down there, then went back to the forward line.


It’s staggering really.


Hadn’t listened to Worsfold post match for a while now but what surprised last night was his messaging and demeanour. It didn’t feel like he was trying to appease the masses and he wasn’t taking sh_t from the press. There was a steely resolve about getting something meaningful out of this year. He didn’t say it, but he expects/demands the team to play finals. Now that’s what I’ve wanted from him. Not the nurturing/fatherly figure. More the uncompromising expectation of performance and results. I think the players are responding accordingly.


The way they’ve come slinking back is pretty predictable. They called for Woosha and the whole coaching panel to be given the sars and when Neeld got sacked, a few wins go on the board and it’s total vindication.
At least Cgates jumped off and never came back.


Seems to have stopped talking so much about “learning”. Maybe we only learn when we lose ?


Would you like me to list all the labels ive been given , let alone some around here ?

I supported acemans assertion that if you want change , the only way it’ll happen is if people stop going to the football (big difference).

The rest i wont even argue with, cos its probably true.

Thats wasnt the issue. It was that the people who claim to be positive and happy and all that , always look for the negative in what people say, even to the point when they dont say anything negative , they will run with oh you’ll find something to moan about, or that you dont deserve to enjoy this or go to games now cos youre miserable.

I am enjoying it atm. But i can also see and point the hyprocrisy of certain people and the irony of them projecting what they do onto others.

But just to give stander a hardon.
Yes i was wrong about where this team would be at rd 15, i think i said wed be 6-9 ( granted i miscalculated cos of the bye), so it should have been 6-8.
Yep i was wrong that he will most likely be sacked by years end, altho i guess it did take a sacking foe things to change, so i was half right , just the wrong person was copping it :joy::joy:.

But again i am enjoying the last 6 weeks, they are playing closer ro modern day football than even before.

Its just a bonus that its making so many people salty because they think they act better in general.


North played a +1 down back virtually all game.

We did too at the start but then reverted to a 6 man forward line around the time we got 20 points down and Goldstein went off for a spell.

We pretty much will played 6 forwards at every bounce thereafter.

I felt it was a key reason why Saad and McKenna got off the leash so much - we had an extra on the HB line which meant we could always fee one of those 2 up who were then able to break lines without an opponent. Their speed - and McKenna’s delivery into F50 in particular, then yielded North’s +1 down back redundant.

Strangely, this worked better when he had 6 backs to 5 forwards rather than 7 backs to 5 forwards early - I suspect our ploy was to have a Hurley roll off his man ASAP with a 7-5 set up. This proved disastrous as Hurley, I felt had a poor start. When we have too many extra backs we seem to to want to roll off opponents and chip pass around which is when we are at our worst. We play better - and clear defence better - when we don’t have easy options , by foot, sidewards and backwards and are almost forced to use Saad and McKenna to run and carry and slice their way forward.

The only time the +1 for North really worked was when we turned the ball over coming forward like Heppell did in Q3.


You don’t think neeld getting the sack has made a massive difference to the club/team? Or is it all just coincidence to you?


You assume that one does not lead into another.


Possibly. It’s more I wanted to see the uncompromising side of the bloke more


You won’t see much of it by watching press interviews :slight_smile:


Is that a vote for Woosha?


It’s the two down back that has killed us.
That, and blocking the corridor.

Loved yesterdays game.
But I’d love to see us change tact when the opposition coach does this, and we can still win.

Then I’ll really believe!


Are you talking about in general play they dropped one back? because i was counting at each centre bounce and north didn;t have a spare back during the majority of those.


Well if we are forgetting the last 6 weeks then no he isn’t.

Change in game plan, change in coaching structure, change in selection policy has brought us to here. And unless we are imagining it, his press conference and his demeanor seems to have changed as well. Maybe he has more of a say, maybe it’s just all in our heads and we’ve been doing the same thing the past 14 weeks.


I’ve never bought into the “needs to show more emotion in the coaches box”. Personally I reckon the Scott brothers are clowns with their theatrics in the coaches box.

His press conferences however are much more what is expected (or what I like anyway). Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer. Ask a real question, give a real answer.


He is not so much the father, as the teacher.


No, at each bounce - certainly at the end I was at (I’m at the end we kicked to in Q1).

There could have been the occasional bounce where they didn’t but it was rare.


That makes sense i’m up the other end of the ground :+1: