John "given em nothin" Worsfold


I’d like to see that list of labels you’ve been given- would you mind ?



Yep noticed that too




Always interested in the way you see the structures BWAS. I am glad you saw their +1, because he/they were invisible to me. TBH I only ever noticed the +1 players I mentioned because they were so good at intercepting late in games when we came at them.


Not handballing to a team-mates feet and players not fumbling certainly helped too.


just my reaction when i look at your posts


Right, when you say +1 at the bounce, you are talking about the player running through the middle off the back of the square BWAS. I am talking about the stationing of a +1 in general play. As when Ben Brown went down back for about 5-10 minutes and started intercept marking our forward kicks, as if they were ahead and trying to preserve their lead, when in fact they were 3 straight kicks behind.


Stephenson is 188 and 75 kg. He is one of their go to forwards. Ambrose has the tank to run with him and could crunch him, but I suspect they have different turning circles, so I suppose Dea will try to take him ?


How is Mrs Palmer?


Nowhere near the pace to catch him


I wouldn’t be surprised to see McGrath on him for a bit. He has done that job before.


Thanks c_64.

I suspect you/I noticed their +1 much later because we became very conservative with our ball movement later in the game e.g. Heppell, between half back & wing in Q4, could have hit up Bellchambers 40m further up the ground on his own but wouldn’t pull the trigger. Goldstein manned him up and then Heppell simply bombed it longer and a tall North defender took the mark. It was brainless play. We did that a few times late - fatigue & conservativeness combined; it allowed them to set up behind the ball and have their +1 involved. It was only when Saad and McKenna started running off HB again that we looked dangerous and their +1 got taken out of play because the Roos didn’t have time to set up behind the ball.


For what it’s worth the Fox commentators were calling plus one for both sides from early in the second quarter.
Bartel went on about it at length, but pointed out theirs was static at CHB whereas ours was used closer to the action, rolling up and back as required, with more involvement closer to contested balls


North play this way as do Geelong - they lack the speed off half back and prefer to take an intercept mark across HB by having an extra there and then use sharp foot skills to gradually transfer the ball up the ground.

We like pressing up onto a stoppage, having an extra there and then releasing by hand to the extra (or other) given they should be able to be free to use the ball well and thus render the north-Geelong style of spare acrss HB obsolete.

This worked brilliantly in the back end of Q2 when McKenna, in particular, started to run and create (more by hand than foot which is unusual for him) to set up 3 goals. We got more conservative after HT but Saad and then McKenna at the end to Tippa got involved again. and turned pressured defence into ballistic attack to which North couldn’t answer. It was also pleasing to see McGrath start to show some zip and willingness to run again.


Can’t get any more appropriate than that.


Woosha presser today the best Ive seen from him

Seems very bullish in our direction and our depth. I reckon he likes what he’s seeing from the group the last 6 or 7 weeks

Bring on 2019


Happy to let him slide this year with the teams improvement over the last month but he needs to have us sitting comfortably in the 8 and winning a final next season no more excuses


didn’t see press conference - what excuses did he give


Said down on rotations in last qtr due to injuries to Ambrose Myers and Stringer

Zerrett Heppel McGath gave there all and ran out of puff because of this

Didn’t mention that Colyer did ■■■■ all to help out