John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Poor effort from him and the crew today.


Not a very smart coaching box are we


Myers and String injured?


Stringer tight calf Myers kicked in calf


You should win one of those “day in the box” type prizes and get things sorted.
Now that Neeld’s gone and all.


I did see Myers hobbling very slowly to the bench…third quarter I think…


The past five weeks have bred some resentment but I have blocked it out as we were playing well, winning games and a chance to make the finals. Today’s loss has not mathematically cut us out but I fear we are. My resentment is based on how good we are now and how poor we were for the first eight rounds. It was blindingly obvious to all that JD was injured, Bags was struggling down back, the backline was all over the shop, the players were lacking passion, the coach was lacking passion and our game plan was a mystery to all. The alarm bells should have been ringing around round four. It should not have taken until the Carlton disaster to shock us action. The results since have been what we knew we were capable of.
Those lost weeks have now come to haunt us (still hoping I’m wrong). It annoys me to think that this should have been a great year. Bugger bring on 2019 - it should have been now!
Who do I blame? The coach? Neeld? The players? Certainly not the umpires - sorry to upset so many blitzers on this point. I suppose I blame them all a bit. I’m just ■■■■■■ that we put ourselves into a position we should never have been in.
We proved today we are a top side.


Stop talking silly and maybe watch the presser, maybe re-watch the game and understand why the last 1/4 happened.


Today’s loss is not on him imo

We were massively down on rotations through injuries.

They took their chances and we didn’t.

We got smashed by the umps

They were cleaner and more precise with the ball


You clearly don’t read Blitz.

Every loss is Wooshs fault. Every last one.

Every win, all the credit goes to the players, the bootstudder or Hayden farking Skipworth


Ditto. Robbo hates woosha


No we didn’t and no we aren’t.


We need to do what the Pies did last year clean out the footy department and hire the best people around Woosha


Can I edit that to : We are a far better side than our ladder position. Our first 8 game stuff haunts me.


I don’t rate the guy. And if I thought the loss was in any way on him. I Would let rip. Just don’t feel like today was on him


I don’t reckon Woosha is the right coach for us but today wasn’t on him. Yes if he was a half decent coach he could have made some changes… but he isn’t so it is what it is. Selection killed us again but that isn’t 100% on woosha.

We take our chances and we could have won… the umpires not being one sided would have also helped.

I don’t understand this “he better before in 2019 or he is gone” mentality… isn’t that what was said about THIS year?!! Explain why, exactly, it is ok that we are going to miss finals this year? A team like Pies have been down, come up, been down, won a flag, been down and now top 4… all while we have stayed ■■■■■. Something has to give eventually. We are seemingly the only club that just never goes back up… down, down and more down and yet supporters never seem to mind?! Weird.

I’d love the club to have some backbone. A finals win was the benchmark at the start of the season and Woosha hasn’t delivered… so go out and find someone who can.

Today’s loss still wasn’t woosha’s fault


I really worry we will play Colyer, Myers, Baguely and Goddard for the rest of the season. All of those guys should now be replaced by younger options. The fact we lack small forwards to bring in is a problem, but being Clarke or mutch in and rotate an extra through the midfield.

Myers has to give up his spot to one of them and Goddard is now firmly in the way of Ridley and Francis getting development.

Big tests coming at selection.


■■■■ you John, Dea has been ■■■■■■■ solid you douchebag

cost us at the selection table, no frang, no ■■■■■■■ clue, can we get rid of him yet?


Brilliant playmaker and barometer of success Matt H Dea was the reason we lost?

pbomber pls.


I thought the coaching was pretty good.
I really only have two positioning issues.
The first is that Stringer seemed to have been kept out of the forward line early when goals were hard to come by.
He worries backlines and opens up opportunities for others.

The other is that Saad was left on Stephenson for too long (ie: at all). It was the wrong match-up.
Baguley wasn’t doing a lot forward, and I would have thought a simple swap there would have been a win-win, but if you must have Saad back for his run and carry (that he wasn’t delivering on Stephenson), then any number of our backmen could have been shuffled upfield.

That’s it.
I think they could have helped us break away a bit more early, but those are my only complaints.
Overall, pretty good.

More generally, I’m not overly upset about the game in a broader context.
You don’t get to ■■■■ a season so badly as we did early and then expect to play finals.
I hope we’re better next year.