John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Why isn’t it on Worsfold??? The head coach should be held accountable for it. It’s been head-scratching all year, and this game was possibly the worst example of it yet!


we convert our chances, we win. simple as that. coaching gave us all the opportunities we needed for success and the players farked that up themselves.

not the week to have a hissy about coaching.


I said at the game stringer needed to be in the forward line earlier. Hes better when he plays forward and has spells in the middle. We lost Raz before the game so to not have Stringer as well hurt us up forward.

But no way I would have put bags on Stephenson, would have toweled him up. If anything we left McKenna on De Goey for too long


Selection wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t the reason we lost. Injuries were a massive issue and took their toll on the structure and playing group, especially the midfield rotations which are a huge part of the modern midfield.


When everything goes right, we can play well but we are unable to sustain it.

What should happen at the end of the year? A few people need a tap on the shoulder. A clean out has to happen in order for us to take the next step and not just at player level. The likes of Richmond and Hawthorn and other great teams didn’t get anywhere by treading water and sitting pat. We have become mediocre, with the right decision making we can leave that label behind and become.


McKenna was moved onto Stephenson at the start of the second and effectively shut him out of the game.

McKenna was then shifted onto DeGoey in the final after he was already caught fire and it was too late by then.

From a defensive perspective I thought McKenna was excellent yesterday.


Agree he was great on Stephenson, so not sure why he went to de Goey. De Goey too good overhead for his height.


I don’t think either Saad or McKenna gave us the run we expect from them, was my point.


Yeah McKennas run is much reduced from last year. Don’t know if that’s deliberate or Saads introduction to the team or just down a bit.


Hamstrings were not up to the task.


The thing that impressed me most about McKenna was that they isolated him deep in the hope that they would expose him but he was very solid.

He still provided overlap on the way out as well but probably not his usual dash.

Both Saad and McKenna aren’t purely attacking options which is a big bonus.


Stepenson was not a factor in the game. Do Goey got on the end of a few in the last, to complete some good play out of the centre bounce clearances they won, but the main factor was Pendlebury, who played a blinder in the last quarter after being held early.


There were more excuses in the press conference than ever before, and it sounds like a bit of a concession that we are done and dusted for 2018. So, will he play the kids? Probably not. He is happy for Francis to develop in the VFL apparently and says BJ is keeping Francis out of the side.


The man has delusions. He should bring those youngsters into the team now who might be a part of our future, not keeping playing those who won’t be.


Rubbish…you play your best side every week. Player have to earn their spots. I dont give two hoots how old they are…

With the give to old mentality Fletch would never have made 400 games.


However he was still playing better than some in the team.


So you’re agreeing him that we should pick the team on merit, not age?


The selectors should have known that Ambrose would tear a hammy in the first quarter and acted accordingly.


I thought mcniece was ok and thought long was ok he just wasnt very smart with his trying to take the game on in the D50. Those selections didn’t bother me too much. I would have had hurley on de goey it was strange they left mckenna on him one out. Still a bit disappointed our senior players went missing in the last quarter this is a bit of a trend for mine, aware we had some injuries though may of contributed to this.


Not sure anything that’s happened at our club in the last 15 years should be held up as a reason to repeat that method. After all, we’ve shown such an ability to blood young players that have propelled us up the ladder.

It’s not just picking the team on age, but after a while there is greater benefit to the development of clubs next flag team in playing Ridley or Francis at AFL level than BJ.

P.S. trade Hurley.