John "given em nothin" Worsfold


I agree the time has come to play the young kids, no matter what it does to a ladder position. I said that a while ago too, not just now. No matter how much of a winning run we went on we were never going to make the finals after the start to the year (we are NOT Sydney). We already know what some of the older players bring and it isn’t enough for the side to move forward, we need to see what the young players bring so that we can make genuine decisions moving the club forward.


So who goes out, and who comes in?


We won’t be packing in the season & into playing the kids/development mode until it’s mathematically impossible to not make the 8.

Until then you keep playing your best side.

Injuries this week should open the door for some kids however being picked on merit. Could easily see Francis for Ambrose and Parish for Myers.


the thing is that i reckon even if you get rid of some of the old, and bring in the new, that itd probably improve the team.

Out Goddard, in Francis
Never again Dea/ McNiece, in Ridley
Out Ambrose, in Zerk
Out Myers, in Parish/ Clarke
Out Colyer, in Mutch (or guarantee Guelfi doesnt get dropped for rest of season before Colyer)

Id back all those youngsters to match the output of their senior counterparts.


Myers = Parish
Ambrose = Ridley/Francis
Colyer = Mutch


Ambrose going down gives us the perfect opportunity to play Francis, Hurley then plays a more defensive role. Goddard should have a rest at some point and that gives Ridley another look. Parish is an obvious inclusion at the expense of Myers. I’d like to get a look at Clarke at some point as well. That’s probably it for me.


Its like bingo have a pick. Who do you reckon?


Lets bring in all the kids so they can learn about the AFL level game and learn from the more experienced players by dropping all the experienced players. Ah Blitz.


So, now finals are out of the equation what will the end of season review uncover? What action will Richardson and Co take to make EFC football relevant?

7 wins from 15 so far - unacceptable. Aside from the Crows and Port, deplorable footy until the Cats breakthrough win. There has been improvement although recent selection has managed to undermine momentum gained - Ambrose (injury) and Colyer (form) picked way too early. The coaches continue to make dumb decisions and misread the talent at their disposal - overestimating what some senior players offer the team + taking a conservative approach to playing kids in the area of greatest need (midfield) - loved how Sheeds just played them no matter the opponents reputation.

Remaining games of the season will see 3 more wins for a 10:12 return - pathetic for a team with lofty aspirations. Another wasted year.

Suns - win
Freo - win
Swans - loss
Hawks - loss
Saints - win
Tigers - loss
Port - loss


Do you want them learning from some of the experienced players?


L. Foot for R. Foot.


The hands of Myers, the kicking of hepp, the agility of Goddard… The perfect beast


Not sure if this is a serious question or if you are just playing the smarty pants (like I would).

But yes ideally I would prefer that we have experienced players around our young guys to help them to calm their nerves, remind them of set-ups where to position themselves, give them instant feedback on something good (or bad) that they have just done etc.


It’s both. I think the senior players you’d be leaving in would mentor enough. Bring in midfielders at the expense of Myers they’ve still got hepp zach and Smith to learn off. Down back especially an interceptor would learn a lot off Hurley and Hooker.


Of course. I just find it weird that some on here are saying that Goddard would make a good coach, but that when the opportunity arises to have probably the best learning experience with BJ i.e. on the actually ground during an actual game (as opposed to the training track), people want him to be the one to make way.

I’m all for blooding the kids, but they will learn better in a team that can support and guide them. Not a team that’s going to get run over each week. Ask a FarkCarlton or GCS player how it feels.


Ambrose playing = bad because he was undercooked.
Parish straight in after one VFL game = sound.

Blitz, have a lay down.


I think with the cap on support staff, it’s a clever strategy to use a list space for a playing coach. Someone with a hybrid role, perhaps playing 12-15 games but taking on significant coaching/mentoring responsibilities.


Not that I’m bothered, but didn’t Parish pick up forty possies this week?
Does he need to do that again to show his fitness?


My post isn’t about whether a selection is correct or not, just the back and forth in these threads.


Neither is mine.
I have no opinion on whether Ambrose was ready or right.
But I have one on whether a guy who got forty possessions in the Magoos is fit enough for seniors.

Edit. Ohhhhhh, just taking a shot at Blitz generally.
I get it now.