John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Isn’t one of Goddards noted flaws his poor communication on field. Brilliant off it, but in the heat of battle can struggle.

He can still mentor off field if he’s rested.


That 40 possession stat is questionable. Footy live has him as 31. That’s still good obviously, and there is no guarantee that Footy live is correct. It’s always been clear that VFL stats are questionable and on this occasion we don’t have any VFL watchers to give an opinion on which stat is correct and the quality of his play.


That’s a reasonable point, but I was talking about fitness rather than form.
30, 40, either way, sounds like a good solid hit-out to me.

Anyway, play the kids, right?


I blame the coach for the following:

for making BJ give away that 50
for making Baggers miss the set shot in the last that would have put us 2 goals up
for making Smack miss that sitter in the 3rd and not having a shot seconds before 3 qtr time
for Ambrose Stringer and Myers getting injured

Lost by 16 pts to team 2nd placed team

Time to go Woosha…apparently


footy live stats are from champion data work experiences.


Who are you mocking here?


You got a problem with my post?


It’s kinda dumb.
It’s like a straw man to an argument nobody’s having.
But you do you, boo.


That’s cool. Thanks for reminding me why I barely glance at your comments on Blitz


extending a coaches contract before he had proved anything…sound?

Ambrose always comes back and struggles after a long layoff.

Parish by all reports hasn’t missed a beat


You can still teach and mentor in the VFL as well as at training and after games. He shouldn’t go on next season, so we need to start having a look at guys who can step into his role


Parish had a broken thumb so was still able to do full running while injured.

And if anyone knows a lay down…


Tippa miss in the second was shithouse as well


blew our finals chances with baffling selections

i just dont understand…


Ordinarily I’d join in, and add some spice, but don’t want to be dobbed in, again.


The Worsfold thread after a loss.


His post game we had one down and two lame. Really showed in the last 10 mins. Full squads for the whole game I think we would have won that game. We had them at the start of the last, just couldn’t sustain it.


My pleasure.


I have no doubt we would have won barring those injuries during the game.

Reverse the injuries the other way to Collingwood and we win 4-5 goals+.

All on top of us losing Fantasia before the game whilst Pies had De Goey who, despite being a different size, plays a similar role as a high impact forward-mid.

even allowing for all this you could sense, at the ground, we were on the verge of breaking them late in Q2 and Q3 but we missed crucial goals (and.or kept kicking kicking long and high to Mason Cox when we had free options on the F50m arc).


ambrose soft tissue injury= lack of running prior to selection
parish thumb= plenty of running

ambrose average game prior to selection
parish dominating

yeah nah, not the same situation.