John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Serious question.

If you are the coach, and you know Myers and Stringer are injured and can’t run.
Do you try something right out of the box, and throw Guelfi or Goddard in there when it is clear after 10 minutes the Pies are dominating out of the middle?

Type of thing Sheeds would’ve done.
Would it have come off? Probably not.
But giving your all in the coaches box sometimes involves these kind of decisions.


No, because you have just seriously compromised your defence. And if you are trying to maintain a lead you need a very solid defence.

And giving your all in the coaches box? WTF does that even mean?
One thing I’m sure of is that giving your all doesn’t include committing suicide.


It was a mistake to leave Myers in the centre if he was lame. It was one of the main reasons why Pendlebury was able to walk out of the centre every time.
Having TBC on the bench for about 10minutes in the last was also a bad piece of planning.


Yeah fair call, I didn’t see it that way.


Agree - you’ve got to be creative and aim to disrupt the way the game was being played.

I would have sent Baguley to HB, not Guelfi; leaving Guelfi in the middle.

I would have put McKeanna and McGrath in the centre square on ball - something the Pies wouldn’t plan on. they are both "burst quick"and have a great balance of defence/offence.

I would have sent Tippa back to HB to replace McKenna, if needed…else Heppell could go back there.

Just putting Guelfi from wing to HB and changing nothing else was not ever going to change the course of the game when the Pies got on top.

Time and again, Worsfold shows he lacks a creative touch when things aren’t going our way.


Yes, this expands on what I said.

But I see Reboots point too.

I suppose it’s the risk you take, depleting the defence in order to back the team in to win the centre clearance.
Then either score, or lock the ball in, in the hope we score again or at the very least prevent the ball going into Collingwoods forward line with óur weakened defence’.

Guess we’ll never know.


As previously documented, our core midfield hit the wall ten minutes before Collingwood’s did… likely because they played ten extra minutes.


Also for a coach that supposedly waits too long to make a move, he moved Saad off Stephensen midway through the 1st Qtr after only one or 2 contests. Didn’t stuff around there, I wonder if that came from MH or not?


Good point - a rare, quick move from him.

I think McKenna went to Stephenson then and U suspect Ambrose then had him when McKenna was off for a spell in Q2 when he did his hammy. I would have to double-check on the replay.

Whatever the player, the move worked as Stephenson disappeared from the game.


He is getting defensive re Francis non selection. Just gotta wait to find the “right role” for Francis :slight_smile:

It’s an exact Science the ol team selection.

Hence why they waited until we needed a hopeless, fumbly small to give Colyer a run and a very slow player with poor decision making in long.

As soon as we need a gun key position type with an X factor Francis will get the nod.

Suggesting Long played well in the presser felt like trolling and possibly means he will get selected again this week.

Hopefully Long out Francis in, Mcniece out Dean in, Colyer out Parish in.


Yeah I can’t think why he’d publicly back his players in.


Publicly Back his players in = single out individual for false praise?

If so at least don’t use the bloke that gifted the opposition two goals from htb decisions.


I like that you have had a crack at what changes you would have made but it’s easier after the fact and I don’t think these changes set us up better than what we had.
Personally, I wouldn’t have either Bags or Walla anywhere near the backline and to expect Guelphi in his 10th game to quell Pendles and SB is a big ask. Probably not one out of his reach in a year or two. I would have been happy to see MCG head into the centre.


I also think the inability to acknowledge that long was OK by a lot of blitz idiots reflects more on them than anything else.


Read the Long thread.
I think you’ll find there’s a few of us that thought Longy played a decent game, and who give reasons.
The Woosha thread is for venting about Woosha - it doesn’t need some new theory about false praise of players.


Especially when it’s absolute tosh.


Sexist undertones !!!




Hmmmm…I was actually talking about the board laying down and doing nothing.

Didn’t think of it that way


Yep, I know you are pure, it is just my dirty very old mind.