John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Well done John for coming out in public and questioning the free kick count. I know letters are written in private to the AWFUL and thats the way they like it, but public questioning of the free count is a sign we are not willing to be totally subjugated by the AFL and their umpires.

Of course , now we see the blowback starting from the usual “opinionistas” who are defacto AWFUL support staff. Purple head has suggested we should cop it sweet. But, of course what he is in effect saying is, if you want to raise it in public John, rather than by private correspondence, be prepared for the AWFUL to fire shots back at you through their band of accredited mouthpieces.


And a specific kind of ‘mouth-piece’ he certainly is.


I love him.
He will smite our agitators


Lose this week and we’ll get to a 3rd thread by the end of the year


we might get there by the end of the weekend if that happens


worse than knights.


Don’t be so hard on yourself, I am sure you can handle a phone better than him.


Worse than Habib.







This is like 40 days in the wilderness.


so bad

getting pantsed by a team with a 10 week losing streak


A ten week losing streak and they were just waited to play us to break it. And f**k Carlton as well.


Going no where with this bloke and our incomtempt stupid board re-signed him for a further 2


Whose idea was it to have Francis as a traveling emergency, have someone pull out and still not pick him? Cost the reserves a win and provided no use to the seniors


It’s 5 points the difference and not Worsfolds fault our blokes can’t hit a target and kick to the wrong side of our forwards.


Francis was selected to play in the reserves, what happened?


caught a plane.


Good mark and then they didn’t play him. WHY???


you’re not a coach, you wouldn’t understand.