John "given em nothin" Worsfold


There record outside the G is a huge contrast. You have to play the G differently.


They were played differently obviously, the game plan however seemed near identical.


109 new posts today. Thought he had either resigned or re-signed


For what it is worth, Hird has mentioned on his podcast how the G is a wider ground and that you should avoid going all the way to the boundary. He preferred the side only went as far out as the advertising logos.


Yes, but you were suggesting a war of attrition style won’t work at the ‘G.
I’m saying that Richmond show it can.


Oh ok fair point. But we don’t have fitness nor play the same style. Back to the initial point though we had the opportunity to play an adjusted game but we played the same gameplan as we did against Sydney at Etihad.


I think we’ll just have to agree to differ there, on both counts.


That’s fine with me. I would like your side of it, I value your opinion.


No it isn’t, that’s actually poor thinking. What is actually important is building a list that can maintain a ladder position, not just ladder position.

We will go back again and look at the Tigers: they were focused on ladder position and not getting themselves further ahead. They sat down and identified what makes for their team to be successful and then implemented it. That involved coaches, players and staff.

So that’s what we have done under Woosha and now Dan. What we are seeing this year is a much better team build, with better players in the right positions (injuries not-withstanding). We have focused heavily on defensive efforts, we already knew from the previous year that we were fine attacking style, however defensively not so good. We have improved quite strongly in this area and you can see this in certain stats. That sets us up for a more sustained success and a more sustained ladder position, not up and down because we only focus one year at a time on ladder position.

That is what clubs do, it is what Geelong did, Hawthorn did, Sydney do. While they may have disappointing years ladder position, they are not solely focused on that but instead on building sustained success. Sometimes a drop down the ladder will happen as you do that and fans might be disappointed but this is the reality of building sides.

If you look at this side only based on this year you will be disappointed. If you look at from last year and this year, you will be disappointed. However if you look at it from the past 4 years and where it might be leading, you can be excited and hold some hope and promise.

The end of next year will bring greater clarity and it is fair to judge next year based on the last 4 years.


I posted this a while back and I haven’t changed from it regarding how to judge Worsfold. Together with your post I think this is year one for Worsfold. Plus we have Richardson joining and Neeld leaving so coaching structures are still settling down.

Hard decisions on the playing list are needed. But he has seen them all play now for two years so it should be clear who meets what they need/expect.

Leading into 2019 Worsfold should have a stable coach/player group who know each other well and know what is needed to be top 8 and premiership contenders.


Essendon CEO Xavier Campbell has explained why the club stood by coach John Worsfold earlier in the season.

Worsfold found himself under immense external pressure when the Bombers started the season 2-6, with some labelling the decision to re-sign the coach a mistake.

However, the Dons have since turned their form around winning eight of their past 11 games, and Campbell has opened up on the struggling times earlier this year.

“The game’s a bit like that, there are some strong views and that’s understandable,” he told SEN’s Crunch Time about the criticism Worsfold received.

“It (the criticism of Worsfold) started to get a bit toward that (over the top).

“For a guy who has a great integrity, an amazing track record playing and coaching.

“I thought it probably went a little too far one way but John didn’t get flustered and for us, we are in a good position now and John is a key ingredient for that.

“At 2-6, I didn’t feel like it was the wrong decision (to extend Worsfold’s contract) because I still saw the faith the players had in the program and that’s a really critical element for where your football program is going.

“I have a lot of discussions. Every second week I catch up with John and Richo (Dan Richardson), we spent an hour together and we talk about where our football program is at.

“They’re good, honest discussion. John welcomes feedback, he gives feedback to myself and Richo, and that’s exactly how it should be.

“You’re always trying to challenge yourselves to improve. The modern game is different both from an administrative perspective and probably from a coaching perspective as well.

“The generation of players coming through now are very different to what they were 10-15-20 years ago. We all got to keep evolving ourselves to ensure we put ourselves in the best position to have the greatest impact on those players.”


The stuff you say man - it just doesn’t make sense.


I’m ‘one of those people’ am I?
I didn’t think we had a top 8 list. I talked the syndicate I’m in out of backing us for the eight cause I didn’t expect to make it. If you had have told me that JD would miss the year then I would have been near certain that we wouldn’t make it. So not that you would have any idea, but I’m not ‘one of those people’.


Interesting something i noticed is the 3 mcg teams that have really done well this year being obviously richmond, the hawks and collingwood (who have done better than expected) use the tightest most organised zone defence through the midfield. Might be worth following that model as ourselves and the others use a few zone players then one on ones to defend between the arcs. The organisation of these 3 and their spacing between each other and how quickly they move into position seems to make a big difference, especially on the mcg.


You are correct, but you also need to have the personnel who can process that, I don’t think we do.


To be honest i think young teams seem to execute better at this kind of stuff.


Something we need to improve on over the summer also goal kicking.

Instead of investing in useless epsorts teams hire a skills coach,goal kicking coach and tackling coach.


Yes, because im sure they cant do both if they really wanted to.


They can but our main goal should be aiming to win finals and flags


What are you saying our main goal currently is then?