John "given em nothin" Worsfold


yes, because im sure the coaches take time out of their day when they are meant to be coaching and the players take time out of their day when they are meant to be training, to check up on the esports team.


To win a flag and we should be putting all our resources into that


That is not what I asked you, though.


If it were me in charge I would invest in an esports once we won a flag and become succesful.


Why would you do that?


Extra income


but lets not earn income prior to winning a premiership, even though income is a prerequisite for success


Why would you wait till after a flag is won, before investing in ESport (or something else)?


I don’t see having an esports teams as a priroirty that’s all


Why do you think that it is a priority?


What facets of the club would be distracted by the ESports team? How will they impact the football side?


what is 20 questions haha


I’m trying to take this somewhere, and it’s hard to judge people over the internet. So I’m asking you questions, instead of assuming your meaning.


Richmond hired some type of martial arts guy for tackling and contested situations. We should already be doing the same.
As for skills and goal kicking I’d be going down the path of a sports scientist or golf teacher type rather than a past goal kicking great. Need someone that will analyse data and look into the science rather than a past footballer directing them to do what they did. Bring in someone in who can solve and explain football ball flight laws.


You can lead a horse to water…


Don’t be too sure - answering questions can be thirsty work.


They hold trivia nights at pubs for a reason


You don’t find this compelling?


And rich.


And apparently - tiring.
Where’s mah answers, DAMMIT!