John "given em nothin" Worsfold


It’s entertaining in the same way Mayweather vs McGregor was entertaining. Clear skill gap though.


There’s a rule in comedy.
I think it applies here.



  1. That was funny.
  2. It was wrong, and


Fair enough - but it isn’t the first method tried.
Also - I’m still not convinced it isn’t a troll account.


It has to be at least a three goal advantage, wouldn’t you think?


Because he’s proven senior coach stoooopid


He sucked me in in another thread.
Either definitely a troll or trump has won.



We lost by 4 points to probably the fittest and most well drilled side in terms of the efficiency of how they expend their energy.

Where have you appeared from. Ive read about 12 of your posts across various threads and disagree with all of them.

You called our midfield down hill skiers. What kind of a ■■■■ says that.about a team that has probably played the best contested footy in the AFL for 12 or so weeks straight.

Your opinion is garbage


Makes sense.

A FarkCarlton supporter so down on his teams shitfulness, that his only joy in life is to come here and remind us of their only win?? (until recently). :roll_eyes:


Except he’s has been here for years. Riles Noonan up every year around draft time.


Deep embed / sleeper . :smirk:


Is that really called for?
We got spanked in contested possessions and our mids didn’t push back to help our defence.


Not really spanked no. However they did beat us in that area. Again though you have ignored the fact that this year (since Rnd 10) we have been pretty consistently at the top levels for CP across the league. So your overall premise is a load of crap.


-29 in contested possessions to me is a spanking. I didn’t intend to suggest that our midfield are constantly downhill skiers, I’ve admired the midfields recent run. Although on the weekend it was poor, to let Mitchell and O’Meara have 20 clearances between them is very poor. Poor wording when frustrated.


No one enjoys a loss quite like JD06.


For sure… absolutely loving it. My family will tell you… I just love it when we lose and when it means we absolutely just blew another season on futility… well that just makes it all the sweeter.

I hope we just keep on losing from now until forever. I hope my daughters (16,11) continue their ENTIRE living life without seeing the Bombers have any success at all… just fabulous.

Absolutely nailed it as usual diggers… I just sit there praying we miss finals… had a bit of scare over the last 10 weeks but luckily for me they managed to crack under pressure again! Although I’m not sure which I enjoy more… missing finals altogether or scraping into the 8 and being spanked in the first week… both are just so awesome.

The only thing I enjoy as much as an EFC loss is coming on here and watching all you happy clappers continue to insist that everything is perfect and the club is somehow immune from any and all criticism. Like every decision made is picture perfect.

Absolutely whistled my way through work today… such was my enjoyment over the weekends loss. Its been a sensational 17 years for people like me… absolutely wonderful.

Although next time maybe just go with the other tried and true method… and post the old “go and support someone else”… its just about as constructive too.

How many years do we have to lose before you start to even have one moment of doubt? Another 14? 20? 30? Or you are just happy to make up the numbers forever? I know I am… I enjoy it immensely.


FAIL of a season

People internally and externally over rate our list (happens every year)

This season was wide open to make an impact on finals, even teams, fairly good run with injuries.

Can’t win at the G, not enough opportunity to youth, paper thin depth and poor tactical coaching.



Gathering a group of players in a similar age bracket, gelling and playing a tough brand they have committed to play together.

Back as destination club which attracted and traded in 3 players over last pre season. All of which have been physical, tough, skilled and excellent committed performers. ie happy to be here unlike the shotguns of the past.

Helped Francis back from no mans land and maybe early retirement to a position where he is doing the things that may set his life up financially and socially.

Laying down a tough physical brand of footy that is matching or exceeding the brands of other physical and well drilled sides. Getting match experience win or loss on the big stage and being well in the games we lost.

Richmond laid down 3 or 4 season like ours of this year and last year and built on it.

Got good performance out some older performers.

VFL performance has been good and has developed players ready to go at senior level. They can come in and not be liabilities that lose us matches.

Next year the forward line will be strengthened by the returning Joe Daniher.

We need Parish, Mcgrath, Guelfi to muscle up more over preseason and hopefully Gleeson too. We need big growth snd improvement out of them.

Given last years effort and the example of Hawthorn, I thhink that trading for the right types is preferable to drafting.

The group seems tight and there is a foundation to spring from. We must spring from that foundation though.

The way we played the last 12 weeks needs to be our permanent brand.

The club needs positivity and common sense about where we are at.

Would a fit Joe have got us another 2 or 3 wins and have us in the top 4?

Similar to how we learned to play a hard and tough brand in 1999 without Hird, I hope the loss of Joe can hopefully be a similar blessing for the rest of the side to have figured out a more grunting brand which the returning Joe (like Hird) will finish off and bring us up for another 4 or so wins.

I dont think Joe is the difference but he sure as hell cant hurt.

We need to bring in more talent. At least one more grunting clearance type.


This is a good point.

I feel like the supporter base thinks we will just win a flag one year.

We need years of improvement to build a solid base. Even then might not win it. I suppose it comes down to if you think this year without finals is still a solid year.

I do.