John "given em nothin" Worsfold


I just want to win a final so I can finally get over the 2014 Elimination Final loss.


I just want win a final so I don’t have to read “haven’t won a final in 15 years oymygod we’re so bad”.


It’s going to be weird when we win finals.


Get the Essendon swagger back.

I remember when the worst thing about going for Essendon was everyone thought we were arrogant. Ah the good ol days.


This was such a good year for learnings.


In an interview with Harves, Tim watson just said " enjoy your last 3 weeks at Essendon" and “Mark Harvey is an excellent assistant coach at Essendon at the moment” owtte.

So was this a slip of the tongue, because Tim Watson would know. ? Coaches had to be told their fate on August 1st. I guess we will know officially within a month.


Maybe he was referring to the final three games of the season.


Out harves. Kelly to backline coach.


Fark no!
I mean, yes Harvey out, but fark me, Kelly has transformed our midfield, leave him there.
Maybe Harvey to cannon, Skipworth to canteen, canteen lady to defence.
Or Harvey and Skipworth to cannon, canteen lady to defence, new canteen lady.


Are you mad?! Doris has transformed the canteen after years of stagnation during the Shirley era.

You don’t change a winning formula.


What’s Caracalla like in the canteen? I’ve heard he’s better than Heston.


Charlton or Blomenthal?


You get swagger back when your team wins consistently.
Swagger during any other time is just mimicking Carlton supporters living off past glories.


You could whinge for Australia.


I just want to win a final so I don’t have to read really long posts about how bad we are


Yes, it was part of some blokey chatter. However, the words “at the moment” were definitely indicative of some change in the offing.


It was a joke by Watson in response to Harvey bagging him out for not turning up to a past players dinner.


It was none of these things. Harvs was having a crack at Tim for not turning up to the 80s premiership reunion because he had to prune his vines.

Was just blokey chatter.


We are a sensible Protestant club of a dignified nature. We are not obnoxious, and refined in our activities.
Gentle in manner, resolute in execution.
And we do not court controversy. Well most of the time.


I’m pretty sure reporters have access to the list of assistants who’ve been moved on, meaning we would’ve heard by now if Harv’s etc are gone