John "given em nothin" Worsfold


I was asking you to focus on the positive points, that was all, real world has nothing to do with it.

Also you assume I never agree with you on some of the negative stuff, however if you read a lot of my posts you will find that I have expressed some concerns as well.


Harvey and Skipworth definitely into the cannon. Woosha given the ultimatum that it’s finals or bust next year




IT what would you consider the negatives from this season. You are very upbeat about Worsfold and the team. Would love to know what you consider negatives


What’s all this bollocks then;

“Also formed in 1873, Essendon Football Club is the only colonial club not formed by cricketers. **A patrician Protestant club**, Essendon performed well in the 1890s and again in the 1920s…”

Or is patrician pertaining to stone cutters


The start of the year: poor coaching setup, poor decision making on selection, poor player management (not terrible but poor). I still see selection as a concern that needs addressing. Colyer should not be in the side, BJ should have been rested at times, player positioning during games could be more pro-active and happen a little more quickly.


It’s both mate. Or was, …

Freemasonry is Heretical from a Catholic view.


I give you props IT, you answered the question and gave legit responses.

BTW i agree with everything you said.

Selection for mine has been a massive issue


So hes either
A/out looking
B/Playing with


As an impartial observer, I’ll say that you and JD06 don’t seem far apart. You’re agreed that the positives are general strategy, recruitment, fitness, and the big negative is game day.

Why don’t you kiss and make up?


Only because for some reason they feel the need to play senior people to maintain a position. After round 9 I would have not picked some of the senior players and given an extended run to some of the young players.

As an example: no Myers, plenty of Clarke, Mutch, Guelfi, etc, rotating them through to learn. I like Myers and support him but he is not the future and they could not have been overly worse imo. Another would be BJ, rest him and play Francis/Ridley/Redman for those rested games (ignoring injuries for the argument).

Not saying that would have necessarily worked but I didn’t think we would make finals anyway after that round so why not build up the younger players for next year?


It’s not always what he says it is how long (5000 word essays) he says it, how much he says it, and how often he says it. And he tends to only post int he negative, rarely the positive and uses just a little too club bashing.


Surely it’s more than just finals, would have to be about putting in a good showing in finals as well.

And if I hear one more time about time to come together as a group I’m going to vomit. It’s been the excuse for 3 years now.


How anyone could have a go at the team over the past 3yrs is beyond me.

It’s FACT that it’s been significant period of instability and team having barely played together

2012-2015 - lost key players/draft penalties
2016- banned players / top ups
2017 - returning players challenges & oustings
2018 - big influx even more new players/new roles/new coaches/ new gameplan / and missing key players

The teams you see feature heavily in finals have invariably played many years together and had many years embedding/adding layers to game plan

Over past 10wks the group has really come together. And that core should play together for many years to come also which is the key.

We are on the right track


Shhhhh … Everyone knows there are more potential genius premiership coaches here than anywhere else on earth.




That’s been my view regarding the Worsfold term to date. It has not been your standard two years with 2016 and 2017. But THAT past is now, as far as one can tell, in the past and we should be going into 2019 with a normal year behind us.

No doubt Worsfold realises all of this and he has navigated well through all of this. He, the club, and in particular guys like Richardson should be clear on what they do and don’t have coaching wise. And by that, Richardson is there to ensure the club knows and corrects any deficiencies in Worsfold if Woosha can’t see/or accept them.

I’m always full of hope. Tempered this year with lowered expectations and a less accepting ear for the messages from the club. But a fair assessment says we have overall shown good to very good progress, with some key areas to fix up to ensure we don’t go 2-6 and lose to the crap sides.


Do we ever actually train on the MCG oval at Tullamarine? I’ve only ever seen the injury group and a couple of small grills take place there. This is a serious question, coz I haven’t been able to get to training this year - do we ever use the actual space for game simulation?


I’ll. Say. This. Slowly.

The ground next to the Hangar, where almost all training occurs, is the MCG one.


too fast, could you go a bit slower?