John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Ok, sorry. Makes sense. Thanks.


So your saying we train on the Etihad one?


Why does the oval we train on determine how well we play at the G?

Surely we just play better opponents at the G?


Exactly this notion we play poorly at G just directly linked to fact we have been ■■■■ for ages and also that we generally play better teams there.

Recently Tigers, Hawks & Pies. Geelong for country game now also.

Blues games the anomalies of last few years the early 2017 game was wet day and some of returning players had “hit the wall” and this year again the Neeld effect was in its final stages.

We also apparently can’t travel and yet have done exceedingly well with our travel this year


There has been discussion - I think Hird mentioned it as well - that we play too wide - or allow ourselves to be pushed too wide at the MCG. I guess it’s the latter, as you’re probably right - better teams set up better. I was just enquiring. I guess it is a positive that we are no longer getting blown away by those good teams.


Reading the Merrett article the other day got me thinking about Bomber and what made him such a brilliant coach. I guess the thing that stood out was his trust in playing the kids. He played Merrett first up. He recognised the need to pump games into Daniher (where Hird was more circumspect). He threw Ambrose in the deep end. Obviously, Bomber was strong game day too and the fact players responded so well speaks volumes for his capacity to unite the team. Oh, and unlike Worsfold who goes on about new players blah, blah, Bomber had no problem getting the new/young guys contributing to the wins.

In summary, John can obviously coach but I don’t think he’s the best fit for the current group of players. Reckon he’s holding them back from reaching their full game day potential with his insistence that players work out (on the field) what to do next when challenged. All good and well but with the game in the balance the boys need direction. Brown was having an off day. With his aerobic ability and smarts he was the best fit for Gunston (5 bloody goals). Hooker had to be switched forward earlier (last 10 minutes doesn’t cut it). Reckon Worsfold cost Essendon the win last week.

Yep - selection, tactics, game day are lacking and even though it “feels” like the team are progressing there are no guarantees they’ll be better in 2019 (read: 2018 = wasted season) with St Kilda offering a salient reminder of how things can go horribly wrong (2016, 12 wins / 2017, 11 wins / 2018, a bust).

What do Essendon need to bridge the contending gap?


So why don’t they train on it?


The oval outside of the building is the MCG size oval and main training is on that one. The other oval is the smaller (Etihad oval) and is used mainly for the injury group or other individual training or other groups (as you said).

They don’t seem to use the different ovals to prepare for playing at the different grounds as it was spruiked they would during the development and building of the training centre.


I think the confusion is understandable.
Because the surrounds of the main (MCG) oval is built up, it looks smaller than the other oval.
And why would you do all of your training on the one that’s not the same size as your home ground?


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Blitz pot ■■■■■■■■ at its finest




Hey look who parachuted in again




You reckon


I’ve wondered that. It was sold that they wanted the two sizes so they could do match sim on both… but they tend to stick to the closer one/ie what others have said.

Is that because they no longer do ‘full match’ sim during the week as much due to training loads or just no point?

Not a big thing on the scale of things but with modern tactics and positioning become so technical, I wonder if it does make a difference.


It’s a really long walk to the other oval.


I think there are a few reasons.

  • Its convenient to train on the big oval right beside the indoor facilities. It’s more convenient for getting the gear in and out, players coming on and off etc.
  • Some coaches view and record training from the balcony looking over the big oval
  • Most of the AFL grounds are of similar size now (SCG is the exception). Does 5m really make a difference in the scheme of things?
  • As you said all the technicalities of the games etc and drills and training that they do may make it redundant.
  • You can put witch’s hats out to make the ground smaller if need be
  • It costs money to keep both ground up to standard. The smaller oval doesn’t seem to get the same curation as the bigger one (have a look at Google Earth)


I get all of the points and explanations, I just don’t understand why we would go to all the trouble of replicating the MCG (paid for by the bloody “Flight Plan” mind you) and then not even bother to train on it?

Mind boggling.



i think we should train on the mumbai replica oval so ben mcneice feels at home.