John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Bomber and really good coaches utilise the whole 22. Playing in waves, give 10 minute roles so the intensity stays high while others rest. We try to do this and either our second tier players are not yet there, easy to figure out and teams target when our experienced players rest or some of our combinations struggle. Or the second tier players are not getting a specific plan to make an impact for them short 10 minute blocks. I think we’re a mixture of everything and are focused maybe too much on getting the plan right.

There’s so many variables in footy and we haven’t transitioned to let players do whatever necessary to win the ball and move it forward with structure behind the ball. I think coaches haven’t moved to this because they believe we’re still in the learning phase but based on our skills not being that high it suits us to just move it forward. It really stands out in our defensive half, kick to a long target with the focus on setting up around that contest and winning it. Instead we wait for something to open up in the corridor or try to open Merrett so he can take a risky kick. Even if Merrett hits that kick and opposition has set the pressure on that next player if their held up puts us in the same position and we move it back and start again.
The simplistic view is that we’re doing the slow build and everything will come together at once. But when experts and players say the game changes every 4 weeks are we really doing that?


Agree. It’s crazy crazy. We had a cricket pitch all those years at Windy Hill and FFS how many times did we use that? Can’t remember any training reports about us doing slips practice or bowling run ups.
Seems we have not improved since moving.


Fifteen years of mediocre facility usage.

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Big tick for Worsfold’s coaching and system set up to bring in three mature aged players all needing assistance in different areas and has resulted in all three having better years than previous. Very well played, good platform.


You’ll never get a better opportunity! :grinning:


Stringer had a fresh start to get the best out of himself. Skipworth has worked closely with him.
Saad being in a more hyped,better team and injury-free. Not sure if he’s improved beyond the expectation of a 4th year player.
Smith has been injury-free and given opportunity to play a more significant role.

I don’t this is a case of a coach getting more out of a player like Ross Lyon did for Zac Dawson. I think it’s more individualistic, they chose us, they chose to get better. Not sure if it was Worsfold driven but the early statements of getting the most out of their career and being the best they possibly can be was really good inspiration and credit is due there.


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Needs more Luke Darcy action…

Say that again .**


This has not been Stringer’s best year of his career