John "given em nothin" Worsfold


Yeah, good pick up. They’ve missed him this year. Unbelievable midfield depth. Aiden Bonor was a very early pick and just played his first game and will add even more if he stays fit.


Setterfield back from reco also


Good pick up Don. I think you identified that not a lot of thought was given to the comment that you dismissed with copybook sarcasm.


I felt sorry for him, and I hope the rest of the team felt embarrassed enough to say - let’s follow this guys lead.




I just hope we don’t make any major changes to “the way we want to play” over the off season, irrespective of how much proven talent we bring in for 2019. so we dont have another clusterfark like rounds 2-10 2018,

John is conservative enough as it is. That experience will probably make him more conservative, and he will learn how to bring in new players without massive disruption to the team.


Is this right? I thought saad was superb last yr and was classified in the elite category for a small defender. Smith obviously has been great, stringer up and down but overall about what i expected.


Yeah, I can see it now.

Whoosa: “Yeah, 4-7 coming into the bye isn’t where we wanted to be, but we’ve brought Shiel in this year and the players are all having to learn to play together. We’ve also brought Joey back into the side and he and everybody need to learn to play together and he is learning to the new game style”


Such pessimism

We won’t lose a game next year :stuck_out_tongue:


Did your sources of information watch all the games Saad ever played at the Suns and Smith at GWS and form this opinion, or did you simply look at the Champion Data ratings stats. If the former, its an OK opinion, if it came from Champion Data then of course its complete BS.


Its my opinion based on what ive seen of them.

I thought that was the generally accepted view anyway.

People are precious.


Thats OK then. You might be right, you might be wrong, but at least its your own opinion.


The return we have received from SSS has been absolutely outstanding. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected them to have as much influence as they have.


Couldn’t agree more. I particularly wanted Smith and wasn’t concerned either way with Stringer. Jake has some improvement left but has been very good I reckon. All three have been better than I’d hoped.


Yeah, for me, Jake has been the biggest surprise. It’s his attitude that’s won me over more than anything else. From the outside looking in, he seems to have embraced the club and embraced what they expected from him. I’ve really enjoyed watching him in the red & black.


Coaching great tonight. Moves all over the place as has been needed


I think it might have popped into the coaches mind during the week that a Hooker move earlier may have been on the cards last week.


Agree. Forced into it with injuries but the moves were solid and very encouraging. Sliding Bags back, pushing hooker forward when he had no match up. Then pushing Brown back to play sweeper. there were a heap of other ones too.

Very proactive and encouraging.


Not fooling anyone John…Ch.7 “We have lost a few out of back line and have covered it well” Ha Ha


Yep, bags to defence and hooker up forward when we realised we were too tall down back. Brown to loose man in the final quarter once we had no rotations.

We were dreadful for the most part of the second quarter but got out of it nicely.