John "given em nothin" Worsfold


For a coaching group that is notorious for supposedly not making moves, they made heaps tonight. Notable one’s include Hepp and Zaka to half back, Bags to last line of defence, Hooker forward, Brown swapping back and forward, Myers going forward, Stringer and Belly swapping between ruck and full forward, etc, etc

They basically rearranged the entire setup on the fly and while it took a little while to get going in that second quarter, it worked out pretty well in the end.


Heppell rarely played in the guts tonight and was still influential. Played back, wing and forward which I personally think is great at the up and down style of Etihad. Because of his pace he gets stuck running to the contest whereas if he plays a flank or wing the ball comes to him.


He did a pretty good job tonight. Would like to know if he or the other coaches were happy to let Ross run free tonight or he was just too good on the day


He had no damage. Our midfielders also were rotating every few minutes which was their biggest objective.


Yeah I didn’t think he did any damage, just would love to know if that’s what Woosha and he crew also thought.


I dont know if it’s just being one-eyed but that was the most un-inspiring 43 possession game I’ve seen. Was stunned when I get the stats on the walk back to the car and he had 43 touches.


Yep. And we worked him onto his non-preferred consistently, which must’ve been part of the planning.


Coaches certainly earned their money tonight. A lot of credit goes to them for creating a sustainable game plan on the fly and to the players for executing under fatigue. Aside from 15 minutes immediately after we went 2 down they adapted brilliantly.

Was great to see. Lost opportunity on percentage but it would be a harsh ■■■■■■■ to blame anyone in red and black for that.


Worsfold showed once again his lack of tactical nous last night. Fancy leaving Goddard, Saad, Fantasia and Hooker on the bench for the whole last quarter. Get Caracella.


His kicking is the only thing stopping him from being a consistent A Grade Star.
If he’s nails that over summer he’ll be farking massive next year.


Seb Ross got 40 last week against the Dogs.

I’m amazed we didn’t put a tag on him last night you think Clarkson would allow Ross 43 disposals? I don’t think so


Seb Ross, like Tim Kelly at Geelong, doesn’t hurt you with possessions.

One Conor McKenna possession, during Q2 in particular, would have been worth worth 5 Seb Ross possessions.


Fair point but would still be nice to clamp down on the oposistions best players I’ll go spare if we allow Dustin Martin to do what he wants b cause you know Hardwick and the coaching staff will put clamps on the likes Merret, Fanatasia etc


love how he can get the ball 15 times and be more damaging than someone with 35+ disposals.


All it would have done was rob us of a possession-winning player who would have been more damaging. They worked out early that his 13 touches early on werent as damaging as, say Myers, who probably had 7 or 8 at that stage.


I wish I had the ability to view advanced stats but i don’t. If you excluded his long kicks that get counted as effective how many of his disposals hurt us? 20 kicks and probably 5~ were valuable. He’s a sloppy player.


Ross is obviously one of their best but last night he accumulated and at no stage looked like hurting us. I was staggered he had so many touches. There were a few concerns in the 2nd but generally if you have the ascendancy and a player is accumulating you’d be loathe to change too much. Net result is a win.


40 is the new 30. There’s half a dozen each week getting close to it.


Blake Caracella recently signed another deal (two years I think) with Richmond. Too late.


It’s because teams are now willing to concede a clearance (first disposal) and trade it for turnover.